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The Royal Artemis Hospital  

In service for 25 years, the Royal Artemis Medical Center provides first class medical care to both locals and visitors.
All our doctors speak English, also we have staff speaking German, Russian and other European languages.
Our clinic meets the International Standard EN ISO 9001:2000 which means that we comply with international standards as regards the provision of medical and laboratory services including the requirements 
of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) as well as the International Standard EN ISO 14001:2004 which means that our Clinic conforms to the international requirements for the provision of medical and laboratory services. 

Outside view of the Royal Artemis Madical Center
Hospital Departments
At Royal Artemis Hospital, we offer practically all of the services you'll ever need, from short-term observation to long-term intensive care with the most sophisticated monitoring equipment. 
All of our doctors are dedicated to their work, and take pride in treating every patient as an individual. Click here for more

 Dr Theo Theofilou, gynecologist, founder and owner of the Royal Artemis Hospital

 Dr Theo Theofilou, gynecologist,
owner of Royal Artemis Hospital


A full obstetrics and gynecologics clinic is available at the Royal Artemis Hospital.

We are very proud for the more than four thousand babies that came to life in our clinic!

Mrs Kate Clark, our public relations officer is always available to help

Visiting a hospital in a foreign country could be stressful, but Kate is always at hand to make you feel just like home.

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Some of the doctors and nurses at Royal Artemis Hospital

  A team of dedicated professionals
at the service of our patients and families

All our staff are professional and devoted to what they do. At Royal Artemis Hospital there are more than fifteen doctors of all specialities and 30 nurses and support team available to assist both the patients and their families.

Medical careers in Cyprus

Thinking of working with us?
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Dental Treatments in Cyprus
Why not combine your holidays with your dental needs? Take care of all your dental needs while on holidays in Cyprus, one of the most prominent tourist destinations, taking advantage of both the excellent level of medical services in Cyprus and very low prices!!!

The hemodialysis center at Royal Artemis Hospital offers dialysis treatments to both locals and travellers. If you or a member of your family are planning to visit Cyprus for holidays and need hemodialysis treament, then please call us. Our medical staff (Dr Christoforos Stavrou and dialysis trained nurses) are multilinqual and very well trained to take care of all the dialysis needs.


Dialysis patients while on holidays

A holiday dialysis patient 
during his treatment








The Royal Artemis Private Clinic 
Pavlou Crineou Str.
Pafos, Cyprus
Telephone +357 26961600
Fax +357 26963670


Contact Person:Dr Theo Theofilou
Address:Pavlou Crineou Str. Pafos, Cyprus
Telephone:+357 26961600
Free Phone 8000ROYAL