inner things you should consider when choosing your fertility clinic

Here at the Cyprus Health Services Promotion Board, we specialise in helping patients find the perfect medical treatment in Cyprus. With the high-quality service available in Cyprus, short waiting lists and associated low costs, medical tourism is on the rise. There are many types of treatment available in Cyprus, from dentistry to cosmetic surgery, and Cyprus is also the perfect place to receive your fertility treatment. Choosing a fertility clinic is something you should put some thought into, but if it’s not a route you’ve been down before, you might find it a little daunting. We’ve put together this guide to help you with the process of selecting the fertility clinic that will work best for you.


Find out the facts

At the end of your day, your goal is to have children, so the success rate of the clinic is vital. These figures should be easily accessible and if they’re not, then you have every right to be suspicious. Rates for both IVF and IUI should be listed, as well as the rates both for pregnancies, and subsequent births. Some of these questions could be difficult to ask, especially for those who have suffered from miscarriages in the past, but you need to know the answers before you make your decision.


Look at the treatments offered

Some clinics may only offer IVF, or they may promote IVF more strongly than other treatments. In reality, many cases of infertility do not need costly IVF treatment and so your clinic should be able to offer alternative treatments to try in the first instance. If you feel you’re being pushed immediately into IVF treatment, this should ring alarm bells.


A balance of rapport and ability

It’s important to feel comfortable with your fertility doctor, but ultimately it is the treatment and the end result that is the most vital factor. It’s a case of weighing up the balance between being treated by someone you’ve taken to and feel at ease with, against the skills and treatments offered by the clinic. If either one falls too far short, then you’ll want to look elsewhere.


Don’t be afraid to check out several clinics  

do not be afraid to check out several clinics

This is an important step in your life, it’s not a decision anyone should take lightly. In other aspects of our life we would ‘shop around’ when making a big life decision. We wouldn’t buy the first house we viewed so don’t go with the first fertility clinic you find. Visit others, have a consultation and remember to make notes so you remember which clinic said what.


Trust your instincts

Sometimes you just get a feeling that something is right or something is wrong. Ultimately, it can be good to rely on those instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, even if you can’t quite place your finger on exactly what it is, move on and find a different clinic.


Find out more

For more help in planning a trip for fertility treatment in Cyprus, get in touch. We have lots of information that will help you with choosing your clinic, the processes involved in having medical treatment overseas and preparing for your trip to Cyprus as a medical tourist.

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