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Cyprus is the perfect place for swimming. With more than 300 days of sunshine a year and a wealth of picturesque blue flag beaches with crystal clear water, it’s no wonder tourists flock to the island to take to the water and enjoy swimming in sea. Swimming is so enjoyable and it’s also very beneficial for your health. Read on to discover some of the great health benefits of swimming in Cyprus…


  1. Improved Flexibility

We’re so buoyant and well supported in the water, there’s very little impact on our joints. This makes swimming an ideal low impact exercise that will go a long way towards improving your flexibility. When the weather is warm as it is Cyprus, the warm water will help your muscles to relax bringing even greater flexibility. Swimming also helps your body to get rid of toxins and this in turn will reduce that muscle soreness we can often experience the day after we have exercised.


  1. Burning Calories

Swimming burns around 500 calories an hour and what’s more, it gives your metabolism a boost so even after you’ve finished your swim, you’re still burning off more calories than usual.


  1. An all-round workout

The great thing about swimming is that it exercises the entire body all at once. Targeting every part of your body in the gym would involve a complicated exercise regime and a whole host of different equipment. Why bother when you can just jump in the pool or take a dip in the ocean?


  1. The perfect escape from the heat

The sun in Cyprus can get very hot. While it’s a wonderful feeling for a while, sometimes we just feel a little too warm and need to cool off. Immersing yourself in water is just the best way to get refreshed, instantly lowering your body temperature and making you feel energised again.

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  1. You’ll feel powerful

There’s something about swimming that gives you a feeling of power. It’s a great confidence booster and it’s so beneficial for your mental well-being. With regular swimming you’ll feel empowered and able to face anything that life throws at you.


  1. Great for socialising

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Whether you’re swimming with your family in the sea or having a pool party with friends, water becomes the focus of any social gathering and brings with it that sense of fun and relaxation that only happens at the pool or on the beach.


  1. Banishing stress and anxiety

Swimming is the perfect way to de-stress. When you’re in the water, troubles simply float away. Swimming has been proven to be beneficial for mental health and can lower your risks of depression, and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.


  1. The perfect physiotherapy

For anyone recovering from surgery or coping with a chronic disease, swimming could be a very good form of physiotherapy. As soon as your doctor gives you the all clear to swim after a surgical procedure, get in the water and make the most of this relaxing and tranquil form of physiotherapy. Swimming is also beneficial for anyone with asthma as it helps to improve breathing and lung function.

Cyprus is also a great destination for medical tourism.

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  1. Proven to make you happier

Swimming releases endorphins in the brain, these endorphins make you feel happy and contented. If you’re ever feeling down, like life is getting on top of you, swimming will do you the world of good.


  1. A boost for the immune system

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Swimming is very beneficial for the lymphatic system, which is turns ensures that your white blood cells that fight disease are evenly distributed around your body. This will give your immune system a boost and help you to fend off illnesses and infections.


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There are so many great ways to get healthier in Cyprus, to find out more about looking after your health, and the beautiful island of Cyprus, get in touch with the Cyprus Healthcare Services Promotion Board.

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