Here are the things you should do for your yearly medical check up inner1

An annual health check is the perfect way to ensure you’re fit and healthy. A yearly medical check up will give you peace of mind that you’re not suffering from any illness or disease, and you’ll be able to get some advise on how to further improve your health. When you have your yearly medical  check up in Cyprus, you also get the benefit of a wonderful location and a fabulous climate. Your medical check up can become just one aspect of a great holiday on this amazing island. When you attend your check up it’s important to have some information at the ready so you can get the most out of your health check. Here are some points to think about to make sure you’re all ready when you make your visit…


  1. Know your family history

An illness or disease in the family can sometimes indicate that you are more at risk. Find out if any of your close relatives have suffered any diseases since you last informed your doctor about your family history. When you let them know, they will be able to keep a closer eye on particular factors that could indicate those diseases that run in your family, and do some tests to ensure that you are free of these conditions. Additionally, they will be able to give you some tips on how to prevent disease. They may have suggestions for diet and exercise changes, or perhaps put you forward for more regular screenings if they feel you are at an increased risk.


  1. Find out if you’re due any tests or vaccinations

There are many tests and screenings that are conducted on a reoccurring basis, or when you reach a certain age or due to your family history. You may have a vaccination that is now due, or perhaps you’re ready for an eye check or a blood pressure check.


  1. Get a list of questions written down

Here are the things you should do for your yearly medical check up inner2

When you’re at your appointment, it’s so easy to forget those questions you were going to ask, remembering some time later when it’s too late to ask. So spend some time writing everything down so you won’t forget anything. Any symptoms you’ve experienced, no matter how minor could be an  indicator of disease, so any change in eating habits, sleep patterns or menstrual cycle should be noted. If you’ve had any pain, or noticed any lumps or skin conditions, do mention them.

You should also write down any advice or information you’re given as this can also be forgotten when you’re given a lot of facts all at once.


  1. Remember to be honest

Your health care provider isn’t there to judge you. It’s so important to give them all the information they need so they can treat you to the best of their ability. Withholding information can only result in a lack of proper treatment. So if you’ve neglected to take your medication, you’ve been eating the wrong foods, or you’ve taken up smoking, there’s no point denying it, just be honest! You can then get advice on getting back on the right track.


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