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When we’re looking at ways to give our health a boost, many of the ideas we implement can be simply depriving ourselves of our treats. We know that a leafy green salad is a better option to a pizza loaded with cheese and that we should put aside the cake and opt for fruit for our dessert. So it’s always refreshing when something we consider to be a treat can actually have health benefits and wine is one such delicacy. The occasional glass of wine has several benefits for our health and well being so it’s one treat we can enjoy without feeling guilty about it.


The health benefits of wine

We know that wine can help us relax and de-stress, it’s good for our mind but it’s also good for our bodies. Wine is high in antioxidants and could help to prevent cancer and protect our health so we live a longer life. It boosts our immune systems helping to fend off colds and flu, it also helps keep our bones strong. Our bones lose their strength as we age and wine can help to slow that process. Wine is also a natural blood thinner and this in turn reduces our risk of stroke and heart disease. In addition, wine can help to lower your levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol and keep diabetes at bay. Just one glass of red wine promotes the function of your brain and can help to protect it from dementia.

The health benefits of wine INNER

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Commandaria – the ultimate wine

Thought to be the oldest wine in the world, Commandaria is a wine from Cyprus that every visitor should try. It’s out of this world! There is evidence of Commandaria being produced in Cyprus from before the Middle Ages and the recipe has changed little over the centuries.

Commandaria is made from two varieties of local grapes that grow in the vineyards that cling to the slopes of the Troodos mountains. There are 14 villages in Cyprus that are entitled to make this special wine. The wine is sweet and has a taste unlike any other wine you’ve ever tasted. It is truly unique. The sweetness comes from the fact that the grapes used are over-ripe and so are rich in natural sugars. The wine undergoes a slow fermentation process than takes up to three months and then it is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of two years. The winemakers of Cyprus must have patience, but the rewards are well worth it.

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The resulting wine is a beautiful amber colour, and it is quite high in alcohol at around 15-20% ABV so be careful not to overindulge!

Commandaria the ultimate wine INNER

Try Commandaria next time you’re in Cyprus

When you’re next in Cyprus, you really must try a glass or two of this amazing wine and discover its magic for yourself. Not only is it a real treat, but it’s also doing you good! To find out more about how the Cypriot diet and lifestyle can boost your health, visit the Cyprus Healthcare website.

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