LASIK laser eye surgery has transformed many lives. Laser eye surgery has been available for quite a long time now, and the results continue to be better and better as technology and surgeon skills in this area advance. There are now literally millions of people worldwide who don’t have to wear glasses or contact lenses thanks to this amazing surgery.

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Some tips for ensuring your recovery is as quick and easy as possible

Laser eye surgery is not highly invasive, and so recovery times are nearly always very short. However, there are still plenty of steps you can take to ensure the best results from your surgery and an even faster recovery.


Don’t drive for 24 hours

After surgery, your vision can be rather blurry for a while. This is due to the swelling of the cornea. When the swelling goes down, your vision will clear, but until then you mustn’t drive as it could be dangerous. It’s a good idea to arrange for someone to collect you from the clinic after your surgery.


Take it easy for a couple of days

Just because laser eye surgery isn’t very invasive, doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from some time out to allow your body to recover. So don’t rush back into work or doing household chores. The less you do, the more energy your body can put into the recovery process.


Put your feet up and relax but avoid eye strain

Take time out to unwind and relax, but try to avoid anything that could cause eye strain. It can be tempting to spend the time watching television or on your phone texting friends and family about your laser eye surgery success, but this not advisable for at least 24 hours. So before your surgery, perhaps think of some ways to fill your time that don’t involve anything that could strain your eyes. You could invite a friend round for a chat, or spend your time on a hobby that doesn’t rely so much on eyesight such as knitting or playing music. 

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Don’t forget your post-operative appointments

After surgery you’ll need to return to visit your surgeon several times so they can assess your progress and ensure that you are recovering well. Even if you feel that the surgery has been a big success, don’t miss out on these check-ups as they are very important to confirm that all swelling has gone down, and you’ll also need the all clear from your surgeon before you can drive again.

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Don’t participate in strenuous exercise

It’s important not to overdo it during the days after your surgery, so if you’re into sports, you should tone it down for a while. A little light exercise such as yoga or a brisk walk is fine, but don’t push it at the gym and avoid any contact sports until your surgeon has confirmed you are fully healed.


Keep the eye area free from products

For at least a week, you should not wear any eye make-up and you should take extra care not to get any beauty products, soap or shampoo near your eye area.


Recovery is easier when you have your laser eye surgery in Cyprus

When you opt to have your laser eye surgery in Cyprus, the recovery process is so much more pleasurable. In Cyprus, relaxation and taking it easy comes naturally. You won’t be tempted to run around cleaning your home or doing any work, you can simply unwind and soak up the sun’s rays. Perhaps take a stroll along the seafront and enjoy a delicious healthy meal. For more information regarding visiting Cyprus for laser eye surgery, and the options available to you for your recovery period, visit the Cyprus Health Services Promotions Board website.

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