Cyprus, the dream beach holiday destination with its golden sand beaches and fabulous sunny climate. But did you know, in the winter months, a magical transformation happens in Cyprus. While the temperatures will never fall so far as to be unpleasantly cold, Cyprus does have a particularly special feel at this time of year and you can even enjoy wintry scenery with a trip up to the snow-capped mountains. So if you’re looking for a festive break in a winter wonderland, you certainly shouldn’t rule out a trip to Cyprus and here’s why…

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  • Explore Nicosia – the capital city of Cyprus

When you step away from the traditional tourist areas of Cyprus and head to the capital city of Nicosia, you see a different side to the island where urban living thrives. Nicosia is also home to some interesting museums. The Cyprus Museum is home to a large display of archaeological exhibits dating from the Stone Age to the Roman era. Then head to the Byzantine Museum for a fabulous display of 1500 years of Byzantine artwork and beautiful mosaics.



  • Go hiking in the Troodos Mountains

You really can’t get further away from the image of a traditional beach holiday than a trip to the Troodos Mountains. These unspoilt mountains are full of beautiful hiking trails and as you ascend, you’ll discover the crisp white snow and tall pine trees, as if you’ve been transported to Lapland. You feel as if you’ve walked into a Christmas card. Do check the forecast though, some trails can be hard to follow when there has been a particularly heavy snowfall. Did you know the Troodos Mountains is also a popular ski resort in the winter months?


  • Stroll around the beautiful rural villages

Also away from the usual tourist haunts are several quiet traditional villages where time seems to have stood still for centuries. Here you can enjoy a calm pace of life, stop a while to enjoy traditional Cypriot food and drink while sat cosy and warm by the fireplace. You’ll also find local crafts being produced, the perfect opportunity to purchase some truly unique Christmas gifts to take back home with you.


  • Take a Cyprus wine tour 

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The wines of Cyprus are world renowned, so it would be a real shame to go home without sampling them. The best way to try a selection of Cypriot wine is to take a wine tour. You’ll get to see the vineyards and gain an insight into the winemaking traditions that have remained largely unchanged for centuries. The production of a variety of wines is due to the sunlight and Cyprus’ climate! Don’t forget to buy a bottle to take back to your villa to enjoy later!



The Perfect Winter Wellness Break

It’s wonderful to get away for a break during the winter months. It’s highly beneficial for both mind and body. If you’re recovering from surgery or illness, time spent in the warmth of Cyprus, relaxing and de-stressing can be particularly good for the healing process. When you holiday in Cyprus you naturally slow down your pace of life. You can find time to meditate and be thoughtful, there are opportunities to exercise, and the delicious local cuisine is naturally healthy. To find out more about the benefits of a winter holiday in Cyprus, please visit our website.


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