The scenery all over the island of Cyprus is breathtaking. When you think of the natural beauty of Cyprus, what’s most likely to spring to mind are panoramic ocean views or historic sites such as the Tombs of the Kings, but there’s so much more to discover if you take the time to explore.

The Troodos mountains are a great place to take a hike. In summer you can take some respite from the blazing midday sun in the shelter of the forest, and in winter you can step into a magical winter wonderland as the snow falls higher up the mountains. It is in this area where you will find some awe-inspiring waterfalls. There’s something so beautiful about watching the water cascade. If you love waterfalls then here are some you should certainly visit in Cyprus…


  1. Millomeri Waterfalls

Millomeri Waterfalls inner 4

At a massive 20 metres high, Millomeri Waterfalls are the highest falls in the whole of Cyprus. The falls are in the Kryos Potamos river bed, south-east of the village of Pano Platres, in the heart of a pine forest. The name of these falls comes from two words, millos meaning moist and meros meaning area. Stood by the falls, you too will feel the coolness in the air. It’s the perfect break from the high temperatures in town or at the beach.  The falls can be reached via lovely nature trails from either Pera Pedi village or the Phaneromeni Church in Pano Platres.


  1. Chantara Falls

On the river of Trooditissa, north of Fini village, you’ll find the eight metre high Chantara Falls. The name Chandara comes from the word andara which means ‘noise of waters’. Stand still and listen to the sound of the water, it really is very special. These falls are accessible by car.


  1. Caledonia Falls

Caledonia Falls is one of the most well known waterfall sites in Cyprus and also one of the tallest. These falls are located close by to Platres village and can be easily reached by following the Caledonia nature trail. The falls were named by Scottish visitors who were so reminded of the similarity between these falls in the pine forest and their native Scotland, that they chose to name it after their homeland, Caledonia.



  1. Adonis Baths & Waterfalls

adonis bathsinner 1

If you’re interested in mythology then you’re going to be truly fascinated with this historic and beautiful area. Legend has it that this is the area where Adonis kept his horses and where he hunted. Artemis, the Goddess of Hunting was jealous of the love that Adonis and Aphrodite felt for each other and wanted to kill Adonis. After several failed attempts, including trying to drown him right here in the baths, she finally achieved her goal and Adonis died in the arms of Aphrodite in the baths. It is said that Adonis revisits the baths to see his beloved Aphrodite every six months at autumn time. There certainly is a magical timeless feel to this special place so be sure to visit it next time you’re in Cyprus.

The perfect escape for health and wellness

Walking is such a healthy way to spend your time, and when you combine a walk with the discovery of a beautiful waterfall, you’re creating an experience that will be beneficial for both mind and body. Cyprus is the perfect destination for a holiday that focuses on health and wellness. Visit our website to discover more.


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