Due to its unique location in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is on a major migration route for birds with literally millions of them stopping off on the island while on their migratory journey. This is obviously a fantastic sight, and an amazing opportunity for any keen bird watcher to experience. Twice a year, hundreds of different species of birds travel across Cyprus as they migrate between Africa, Europe and Eurasia.

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The Spring Migration

In early February, we see the start of the spring migration. The arrival of species such as the Wheatears and the Hirundines are usually the first signs that spring migration has begun. The next arrivals are usually the Great Spotted Cuckoo and the Hoopoe, and then, towards the end of March, there’s a huge influx of species with Larks, Pipits, Wagtails, Ortolan Buntings and many more. The migration is still underway as we head into April, with more species such as Egrets, Herons, Warblers and Black Headed Bunting. As May arrives, the migration season comes to an end, but if you’re lucky you may well still see a few rare birds in this month too.


Birds breeding in Cyprus

Several species of bird choose Cyprus as their breeding ground. These include Bonelli’s Eagle, the Long-legged Buzzard, the Griffon Vulture, Eleonora’s Falcon, the Cyprus Wheatear, the Great Spotted Cuckoo and the Cyprus Warbler.



The Autumn Migration

The start of the Autumn migration is signalled by the arrival of the Shrikes. This migration is dominated by raptors such as the Eagles and Buzzards as well as the Black Kite, the Lesser Kestral and the Egyptian Vulture. The autumn migration continues through to October.


The Visiting Winter Birds

As autumn turns into winter and the migratory season is over, there is still plenty for bird watchers to enjoy as the winter visitors begin their arrival. This season brings a lot of ducks and geese to the island. Robins and the Song Thrush are also a common sight.


Birdwatching all year round

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So you can see, with the spring and autumn migration and the visiting winter birds, you can visit Cyprus all year round and enjoy great birdwatching. Even during the summer months, when the weather is hot, you only need to head into the mountains where it is cooler, to catch a glimpse of some fascinating species such as the Pallid Swifts and the Masked Shrike.


The perfect place to enjoy your hobby

Cyprus really is the ideal destination for birdwatchers. With such a pleasant climate, you won’t feel the chill as you sit with binoculars at the ready, waiting to spot a rare bird. It’s the perfect destination for a bird watching trip, and a great opportunity to introduce the younger members of the family to this interesting and educational hobby. A bird watching break is also a great healthy break, so whether you’re looking for a trip away from rehabilitation and recuperation, or you are simply looking for a relaxing location to de-stress and unwind, escaping from your busy day to day to life, you’ll find it all in Cyprus. For more information on healthy holidays in Cyprus, medical tourism and wellness breaks, please visit our website.


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