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Cyprus is unlike anywhere else on earth. Of course there are the stunning panoramic views across breathtaking scenery and the ocean, then there’s the fact that nearly every day is filled with sunshine, but there are more ways in which Cyprus is truly unique and one of those is the Moufflon Agrino.


What is the Moufflon Agrino?

The Moufflon Agrino is a type of wild sheep that can only be found in Cyprus. It’s the largest wild animal on the island. The agrino is very shy, so you’re lucky if you catch a glimpse of one. They’re also very agile and will happily sprint around the steep slopes of the Paphos forest. This rare, graceful creature has inhabited the island for more than 8000 years.


The habitat of the Moufflon Agrino

The abitat of the Moufflon Agrino inner 5

The agrino is most content within the forest and so small herds of agrino can be found in the Paphos forest and on the slopes of the Troodos Mountains. Here vegetation flourishes for the 

agrino to feed on, and they have plenty of shelter. Only during the winter time, when the vegetation is less abundant, will the agrino leave the forests in search for food. It is at this time when you’re most likely to see an agrino in fields close to the edge of the forest.


Protection Management of the Moufflon Agrino

In 1878 Cyprus became a British colony and in the following years there were more hunters with guns on the island and so sadly the numbers of agrino fell rather dramatically. As the agrino were so shy, no one really saw them and so no one really cared about them other than the foresters. Luckily that attitude eventually changed, and laws were put in place in 1938 and 1939 that helped to protect the agrino. These days the entire agrino habitat is a Special Protected Area and the agrino itself has been declared a strictly protected subspecies and so by law cannot be harmed. It’s also wonderful to see that the numbers of agrino have increased and they are now not at high risk of extinction.


The significance of the Moufflon Agrino

We are all so very proud of everything that makes this island unique, and so the Moufflon Agrino is very important to Cypriots and is a symbol of the island itself.


Visit the home of the Agrino

The agrino has chosen the Paphos forest and the Troodos Mountains as its home, and when you’re next visiting the island, you too should take some time to take a hike in this beautiful area. There are some wonderful nature trails to explore and you’ll always find a trail that’s perfectly suited to your own abilities. With breath-taking views to discover and surprising historic sites along the way, a hike in Cyprus always brings with it something new and special to delight you.


Learn more about Cyprus

Walking is very good exercise, and in Cyprus, with so much to see and the divine climate, you don’t even notice you’re getting any exercise and are likely to walk much further than you would on the streets at home. To find out more about the wonderful walking trails of Cyprus, and visiting Cyprus for a medical vacation, please check out our website or get in touch.


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