Taking a holiday is so beneficial for both mind and body. Time out of our ordinary lives gives us time to relax and unwind, banishing the stress of a hectic daily life and a high pressure job. Time off gives us opportunities. We’ve got the time to try new things, explore new places, have new experiences and make new memories. So many people will tell you that Cyprus is the perfect paradise that will exceed your expectations and make all your holiday dreams come true. Read on to discover just why Cyprus is the ultimate destination for your next getaway…


The most fantastic weather

In Cyprus you can rely on the sun shining and that’s pretty amazing when you’re not used to it! How often do you plan something at home only to have to change your plans because it’s too cold or it’s raining? With a minimum of 300 days of glorious sunshine each and every year, that just doesn’t happen in Cyprus. You can enjoy that wonderful feeling of the sun beaming down on you and warming your whole body every single day. You can make plans to visit the beach or take a long hike and you just know the weather won’t spoil your plans for an enjoyable day. Spending time in the sunshine really does brighten our mood and of course it gives us so many opportunities to get out and about and enjoy some exercise and outdoor activities. Of course, it’s also the perfect weather for simply lazing about on the beach or around your pool!



Breathtakingly beautiful landscapes

Breathtakingly beautiful landscapes inner 4

There are so many stunning views around the island, no matter where you go, you’ll discover amazing scenery. From panoramic views of the ocean, magical mountain scenes and tropical beach vistas, you’ll find yourself uttering the word ‘Wow’ more than you’ve ever done before. Cyprus is a photographer’s paradise so don’t forget to take your camera out with you when you’re exploring the island to grab those amazing photo opportunities.

There is so much to do

There’s no chance of anyone getting bored on holiday in Cyprus! There are just so many great things to do for every member of the family. There’s a wealth of hiking and cycle trails to explore which are perfect for nature lovers. You can spend time at one of the many beaches on the island, simply relaxing with a good book, or taking part in water sports or beach games. There is some great diving to be had in Cyprus and if you’re new to the sport you’ll also find expert tuition available. If you’re interested in history or archaeology, then you’re in for a real treat when you visit Cyprus as there are so many well preserved and fascinating sites for you to visit. You can take a trip to the water parks which are always a big hit with the kids and a great way to cool down on the hottest of day and of course there are plenty of great shops, bars and restaurants too.


The ultimate relaxation destination

The ultimate relaxation destination inner 5

With all there is to do, you could easily find yourself rushing around being busy every day, but Cyprus also has a laid back, relaxed feel to it, with a slower pace of life. So embrace that and remember to have a couple of ‘chill out’ days on your next visit. Soak up the sunshine, let all your stresses and strains ease away as you relax and unwind in pure luxury and style.


Combining holidays with healthcare

Cyprus is an ideal destination for combining a holiday with your healthcare needs. With the highest level of healthcare and the perfect environment for recovery, Cyprus has become a very popular destination with medical tourists. Virtually all medical staff speak very good English and the island is so easily accessible. It’s ideal. So to find out more do check out the website of the Cyprus Health Services Promotions Board.



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