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Cyprus is undoubtedly a wonderful holiday destination while at the same time fulfils all the requirements of becoming a popular place for health, wellness and medical tourism. Apart from the excellent year round weather conditions, its rich history and culture, Cyprus, offers a safe and hospitable environment suitable for everyone, visitors and locals and certainly medical patients, their friends, companions and family. Accessed by short flights from major cities, Cyprus comfortably combines leisure and relaxation with health, wellness and medical procedures. While English language is widely spoken on the island, multilingual doctors and nursing staff are ample when it comes to healthcare sector. With high quality services provided, equipped with a remarkable healthcare system, latest technology in use and well experienced, internationally trained healthcare professionals, we at TECOMA SERVICES LIMITED as Medical Facilitators, are certain that Cyprus can soon become an exceptional Medical, Health and Wellness destination.    



TECOMA SERVICES LIMITED operates since 2010 as a Travel Agent, fully licensed by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism. Represented by its founder and managing director, Mrs Yiota Skitini, the company holds a position at the boards of directors of the Cyprus Health Services Promotional Board, Larnaka Tourism Board and former board of the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents. The purpose of the company is to provide professional tourism and travel related services and assistance to its customers; individuals, groups and corporate clients, wishing to visit Cyprus for any purpose. TECOMA SERVICES LIMITED offers outbound travel services such as air tickets, hotel accommodation worldwide, holiday packages, etc., while focusing by specializing on specific inbound tourism sectors that require dedicated organizational assistance. The company has successfully been involved over the years with the coordination and organisation of Seminars & Conferences, Sport Training Camps and Tournaments, Religious & Cultural Tours, Medical, Health & Wellness Travels and other custom-made happenings and events.   


What TECOMA SERVICES LIMITED do as a Medical Facilitator   

We are dedicated and actively involved with the coordination of comfortable tailor made holidays to incorporate with any medical, health and wellness requirement, by remaining throughout the process ‘the link’ between traveler-patient, the healthcare provider and all related services and facilities needed.  

While meeting hotel accommodation requests 24/7, we are also in position to provide alternative options, such as private villa rentals, self-catering apartments, agro-touristic houses and rehabilitation centers. We are to ensure a safe and healthy living environment to medical and recovering clients, for as long as it is necessary, with medical and nursing support, personalized nutrition and recuperation programs upon request, always within accessible, friendly and tranquil environments. Relaxing and pampering programs for our wellness enquirers are provided all year round, as well as spas; antiaging, dermal, physical and mental condition programs.  

Getting to meet the island, its people, beauty and culture, a variety of choices is also available for patients and their companions, during their stay. Through our meet and assist services offered by multilingual representatives, we organise private or group transportation and tours, excursions and sight-seeing programs, day cruises, entertainment options, sport activities, etc. Health and safety measures apply to all service providers, ensuring clients’ comfort and distress.  

Customers wishing to combine their holiday with any health, wellness and medical treatment in Cyprus, may require our assistance for consultations, therapy and treatment details, medical procedures, pre and prost treatment appointments, rehabilitation options, etc.  Other than tailor made proposals, one can inquire our high valued packages that include a variety of holiday combined options:  

  • Rehabilitation  
  • Spa & Relaxation 
  • Wellness programs 
  • Cosmetic & Plastic surgery  
  • Dental treatments  
  • Hair transplant and restoration 
  • Infertility treatments 
  • Regular Check-ups and examinations  
  • Any holiday combined procedures 

Why choose TECOMA SERVICES LIMITED as a MedicalHealth and Wellness Facilitator?   

Medical trips usually require planning, communication with many service providers, advanced payments; from air tickets, accommodation, transportation, meet and assist services, leisure, entertainment, to consultation meetings, medical treatments and procedures, nutrition, accessibility, post treatment appointments and more. All these evolve time, money and great risk. Our long experience in the field dealing with different customers and requirements, the local know-how, the ability to provide the right choices to successfully encounter each case, to always have alternatives and solutions, our true care and passion to satisfy our customers’ needs are the distinct values differentiating us. We remain next to our customer-patient all the way until they settle back home, undertaking all assigned tasks.   

Dealing with us, as one devoted assistant, customers save time, secure costs and avoid possible risks. With prompt response and accurate coordination, instant access to consultants of the top medical centres and fast speed results, we ensure that medical treatment in Cyprus will be accomplished, without long waiting lists and unexpected changes. Our options are carefully selected based on each clients’ needs and requirements, taking into consideration the treatment requested, budget, language, duration of stay and the purpose and aim of travel. We provide personal assistant and coordinator, advice on every aspect related to travel and stay, including details of operation or treatment. Detailed tailor made day-to-day itinerary is provided to our customers prior their arrival to Cyprus.      


Our experienced and friendly personnel is always available welcoming any inquiries. We can be reached at info@tecomaservices.com.cy, +35799356998, as well as through TECOMA SERVICES LIMITED Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram communication channels.   

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