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News regarding the coronavirus pandemic have been dominating the media for months now. Amidst the flood of information, it is now more important than ever to check how the country you will be travelling to is handling the outbreak.   

Saghar Kasiri is the director of the European Operations with Cryos International, the largest Donor Sperm and Egg bank in the world.  It’s also worth noting that her clinic has now opened the first European Donor Egg Bank in Nicosia. 

How can a person who has been diagnosed with coronavirus be aided through your services? And what is the process she/he will have to follow?   

Since we are not a treatment centre, we do not deal with treatments of any patients with Covid-19. In order to avoid further spread of the disease, Cryos International has taken all necessary precautions and implemented vigorous infection control procedures as per guidance of Ministry of Health in order to protect both our donors and our staff against Covid-19 virus. We follow strict procedures in rapid identification of suspect cases by triage at booking appointments on the phone, if donor is suspected to have symptoms or been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 we will not allow them to visit the clinic. We also have limited visitors entering our Gamete Bank and all staff, donors and visitors have their temperature taken when they enter the clinic. Appropriate use of Personal protective equipment (PPE) is implemented and currently we test all our donors for Covid-19; only those with negative test will be allowed to proceed with their donation programme.  

In what areas do you think Cyprus has comparative advantages that can help prevent as well as treat diseases such as Covid-19 and other viruses?  

Due to the size of the island, the low population but at the same time high level of medical care and establishments; Cyprus has great potential in dealing efficiently and successfully with this and any future pandemic. With high testing rates and the lowest fatality rates in Europe, Cyprus has promptly and effectively dealt with the COVID-19 crisis.   

Does Cyprus have the appropriate medical and paramedical infrastructure to welcome travellers who want to strengthen their bodies and combine their vacation with their family?  

Cyprus has a secure and safe healthcare infrastructure with high standard private health and medical services. Doctors in Cyprus are highly qualified and usually experts in their field. The cost of medical treatment is low and there is almost no waiting list to receive any treatment in the private sector. Cyprus has been investing hugely in the Medical Tourism for many years and as result we already see the high reputation it has established amongst other EU countries and worldwide.   

With its natural beautiful sceneries; the always good weather and abundance of sunshine; excellent choices of high standard accommodations; Medical Tourists will be able to combine treatments of body, mind, and soul.  


How do you explain the fact that Cyprus has performed so well in limiting the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic?  

Cyprus’s responded very quickly to Covid-19 pandemic, while other European counties were still contemplating their response - Cyprus implemented an early lockdown and introduced travel restrictions which effectively controlled the spread of the infection. The government also introduced one of the most extensive test and trace programmes in Europe. Due to this effective control of the virus and the low number of cases currently Cyprus is ranked among the safest destinations globally.   

Which groups of patients do you think will benefit most from holidays in Cyprus, while combining them with special treatment programs?  

I think both diagnostic and elective surgeries are popular, such as dentistry, cosmetics, fertility treatments and recently more specialised surgeries such as cardiovascular and orthopaedic.  

What kind of treatment programs does your Clinic offer?  

Cryos International Donor Sperm and Egg bank is the largest gamete bank in the world with over 33 years’ experience in this field. We provide the highest quality donor sperm and eggs with greatest number of pregnancies achieved worldwide. Our vision is to help the childless make their dream of a family come true. We are the first International Sperm and Egg Bank in Cyprus available to all patients within Cyprus and abroad.  

Unfortunately for some people fertility treatments with donated sperm and/or eggs is unavoidable such as patients who receive cancer treatment, suffer from genetic or congenital diseases causing infertility or those at risk of passing a genetic disease to their offspring just to name a few. Egg and sperm donation are part of IVF treatments in Cyprus and Cryos has been collaborating with most of the IVF clinics for decades.   

Cyprus has great access from both East and the West, it already has excellent established IVF clinics who could be the host to many patients travelling from abroad using the high-quality donor sperm and/or eggs that Cryos International can provide to them to have treatment here in Cyprus. Our aim is to increase fertility tourism into the country and make it a ‘fertility haven’.   

Many cross the border fertility patients travel to other countries due to lack of access to publicly funded IVF treatment; local rules on who can and cannot access IVF treatment; availability of sperm and donor eggs; a desire to seek more effective treatment; better success rates; quality of the clinic and the clinicians; safe medical destination; the ability of the clinic staff to communicate effectively in international language such as English and lastly but not least lower price of treatments. The good news is that Cyprus can provide all these requirements for the fertility patients travelling from abroad. 

If you are interested in getting a medical treatment in Cyprus, you can always find more information on our website.

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