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The world class fertility treatment offered in Cyprus includes a wide range of techniques such as ICSI and IUI, but for ease of reading, we’ll simply refer to all treatments as ‘IVF’ for the purpose of this article.

There are many couples out there that failed to conceive naturally, or through other forms of fertility treatment, who are now proud parents thanks to the miracle of IVF or in vitro fertilisation.

What does IVF treatment involve?

IVF is a highly specialised treatment that uses fertility drugs to stimulate the development of eggs within a woman’s ovaries. These eggs are then removed from the ovaries and fertilised in the lab with sperm which may be from the woman’s partner, or from a donor if the partner has known sperm issues. In some cases, the process may be the opposite way around, with the egg being from a donor and the sperm from the prospective father.  Once fertilised, the embryos grow in the lab for around 3 – 5 days and are then implanted into the uterus.

When should you consider IVF treatment?

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Some people fall pregnant quickly, and for others it takes longer. This is a natural process and many people will eventually have their dream of becoming parents. However for some, pregnancy just doesn’t seem to be happening, and eventually it’s time to consider that there may be underlying factors at play, and some additional help may be needed.

So how long should you attempt to conceive naturally? Well of course simply having unprotected sexual intercourse is the first method of conception to try, and if the female partner is relatively young, then trying for a baby the natural way could take up to 12 months. If this time period has passed, then it could be time to begin thinking about IVF. For older females, the passage of time is a disadvantage, so it’s wise to begin looking into IVF treatment if conception does not happen naturally within 6 months if you are over 35 years of age.

There may also be medical reasons why IVF could be a very useful option. For someone with an irregular menstrual cycle, this could be a sign of polycystic ovary syndrome which can affect fertility, or if your periods are heavy, it could be that endometriosis is playing a part in your failure to conceive. From the male angle, it could be a problem with poor semen quality.

If you have a family history of early menopause, this can also be a risk factor for conception, so it would be wise to seek advice regarding IVF treatment sooner rather than later. Even if you don’t proceed with IVF treatment immediately, it can be reassuring to have a plan in place should natural methods continue to prove ineffective.

With IVF, there’s no need to give up your dreams of parenthood. With this advanced treatment, many patients have the happy results they are looking for.

Cyprus, the perfect destination for IVF treatment

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Cyprus is the ideal location for your fertility treatment. Treatments offered are of the very highest standard and have a high rate of success. Your treatment will take place in a state of the art facility and be facilitated by a team of highly skilled medical professionals. Waiting times for treatment are short, and of course Cyprus is a safe and beautiful country, so you can truly enjoy your stay here while you’re undergoing your treatment. With the Cyprus sunshine beaming down on you, your frame of mind will be calm and balanced, you’ll feel truly relaxed, the perfect state of mind for the start of your journey towards parenthood.

In South Cyprus, fertility clinics work within the framework of the EU Cell and Tissue Directive which gives you the peace of mind that high standards are being maintained.

So if you’re interested in fertility treatment in Cyprus, please do get in touch. We only work with the country’s top fertility clinics, so you know you’re in the very best of hands, and will have the very highest chances of achieving your dream. Many patients from overseas are choosing Cyprus as the perfect destination for successfully seeking egg or sperm donor treatment. For more information, do get in touch today.


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