Established in 2006, The Cyprus Health Services Promotion Board was established as a non-profit organisation with a goal to promote the high quality medical tourism services available within Cyprus.  

Why choose Cyprus for medical treatments? 

Cyprus is the perfect destination for seeking medical treatment overseas for several reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, the level of care you receive and the skill level of the medical professionals on the island is incredibly high. Within state of the art facilities, you can rest assured you’re receiving world class treatment. In addition, medical treatment in Cyprus can be more cost effective than the same surgery in your own country, and you can skip the queue with no waiting lists. Of course, Cyprus is a beautiful island, with breathtaking scenery, gorgeous beaches and an average of 340 days of sunshine every year. Where else would be better to recuperate after your medical treatment?  

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How we can help  

We understand that travelling to another country for medical treatment can be a little daunting and it could well be something you’ve never done before. This is where we step in to ensure that organising your trip to Cyprus for medical purposes is easy and everything goes smoothly. Basically, we can help you every step of the way with advice and recommendations.  

Firstly we’ll discuss your requirements. There is such a wide range of treatments available in Cyprus, whatever your needs, should it be cosmetic surgery, hair transplants, IVF, dental treatment, health and wellness treatments, or one of many other medical options available to you, we will ensure you are perfectly matched to the clinic and specialist doctors most suited to your needs.

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We work alongside top travel agencies and hotels in Cyprus, so we can also help you to organise your flights and pick out the perfect hotel. You’ll want accommodation that is close to your chosen clinic, and you’ll also want a hotel that is beautiful, relaxing and includes all the amenities you may need for your recuperation. Many people choose to extend their stay in Cyprus when they visit for medical reasons, to include more time to enjoy the island and all it has to offer.  

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We’re here for your peace of mind  

Our reputation is important to us, and we want you to have the perfect experience when you visit Cyprus as a medical tourist. That is why we run thorough checks on all our partners, and will only recommend to you the very best. Whether that is modern and advanced clinics, the most highly skilled and experienced medical professionals or the top, most highly rated hotels in the area. Our member list of hospitals approved and licensed by the Government of Cyprus includes the very best equipped and the largest hospitals in the county and it is our task to perfectly match each individual, to the establishment that will best suit them. When you have your medical treatment in Cyprus, you’ll certainly feel like you’re receiving five star treatment. It’s a more relaxing and comforting environment within which to undergo treatment.  

We’re here to take away the stress so you can focus on your treatment and recuperation. So if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask, that’s what we’re here for!  

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