If you’re visiting Cyprus from late February through to March, then there is one truly special place that you simply must see at this time of year: the village of Limnatis. Known as the ‘almond’ village, during spring, Limnatis is transformed into the most beautiful magical wonderland with pink and white blossoms of the almond trees in full bloom. The fragrant aroma of the blossoms fills the air as you stroll around the picturesque village streets.  

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You’ll find Limnatis in the Troodos Mountains, 21 km north of Limassol. It’s a delightful village to visit at any time of year, but if you can plan your trip to incorporate almond blossom season, you’ll be very glad you did. It’s just so stunning, and you’ll be rewarded with some fantastic photo opportunities! On your visit, you’ll be able to visit the fields where rows of almond trees grow. The sea of pink is almost overwhelming.  

Enjoy the produce  

But while the almond trees are pretty to look at, they also serve a function, and that is, of course, to provide superbly tasty almonds to be made into a wealth of products that can also sample on your visit. You’ll be able to purchase local almond products in the village, with items such as almond paste and almond jam for sale. These could make a lovely souvenir to take home with you or unique gifts for friends and family. In addition, stop off at one of the cafes on the village square and you can enjoy soft or alcoholic almond based drinks to enjoy as you watch the world go by under the glorious Cyprus sunshine.  

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So much more to explore

You can easily spend a whole day exploring the village of Limnatis with its parks, chapels and churches, and you simply must take time out to enjoy lunch at a traditional Cypriot tavern and experience local Cypriot cuisine at its finest. Take your ease with a traditional meze: an assorted array of small dishes that highlight the very best of local, traditional cooking, meant to be savoured leisurely over several hours.  

A village with a rich heritage 

As well as almonds, the village also grows grapes and wheat and the local breads are a delicacy to be savoured. If you have a culinary interest, then you may be keen to hear that you can attend bread and halloumi making workshops in Limnatis. The village even has its own museum where you can learn more about the folk traditions of Limnatis, many of which are still going strong today with traditional embroidery and basket weaving common among the women of the village to this day.  

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Live music and family fun at festival time 

Limnatis also plays host to the annual Almond Tree Festival. Sadly this year the event has had to be cancelled due to COVID-19, but do look out for it in the future. It’s a great event with lots going on for all the family to enjoy, in a beautiful setting. There’s live music, and of course lots of almond-based food and drinks to sample.  

 Why not plan your trip to Cyprus around almond blossom season? 

Nature lovers who are also interested in a medical treatment will adore a trip to Cyprus when the almond blossom is in full bloom, so it’s well worth bearing this in mind when you’re planning your next visit. For more information regarding Cyprus’ Medical tourism, please visit our website and contact us. 

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