There are many advantages to seeking surgeries and procedures abroad that make health tourism so attractive. You’ll often be able to skip the queue and have your treatment without having to be on a long waiting list. It’s also likely that even when factoring in travel and accommodation costs, the overall price is a lot cheaper than it would be back home. Additionally, you may find that another country can offer you procedures that are not available in your home country. If you choose an attractive country with a warm climate for your medical treatment, you can also enjoy a very pleasant recuperation period.  

As experts in all aspects of health tourism, we’d like to bring your attention to these 3 + 1 tips for ensuring a successful health trip… 


1. Get a pre-travel consultation 

It’s important to have a consultation with your healthcare provider several weeks before travel. Tell them of your plans and they’ll be able to talk you through any risks and confirm that you’re fit to travel for your chosen procedures. It’s important your own health provider is aware that you’re having your overseas treatment as you may need follow up appointments once you return home. It’s also wise to have a copy of your medical records with you when you travel as well as information regarding any allergies you suffer from.  

2. Consider practicalities when choosing a destination 

Many countries offer medical treatments to foreign visitors, but it’s a good idea to choose a country that isn’t too far away if you don’t want to spend a long time on a plane. The distance you can comfortably travel may also be determined by the type of treatment you’re having, and the length of time you’ve remained in your destination for recuperation. You may also want to consider the climate and the attractiveness of your destination. Why be shut in a stuffy room in a big noisy city when you can be relaxing on the beach in the sunshine while you recuperate? 

3. Try to avoid peak tourist seasons 

Plan your trip outside of the main tourist season and you’ll find both better prices on your flights and accommodation and a more peaceful atmosphere. The tourist spots will be less crowded, which may be just what you need to explore your destination at your leisure post-surgery.  

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4. Be sure to have health insurance in place 

Even though you’re paying for a specific surgery or treatment, you must not forget to also have health insurance in place, as you would if you were simply visiting for a holiday. Anyone can have a fall and require medical attention or need emergency dental treatment, and having health insurance in place will ensure you’re covered for any eventuality.   

Medical tourism trips don’t need to be complicated  

Cyprus is a wonderful destination for medical tourism. We have world-class medical staff and high-quality facilities. Nearly everyone here speaks fluent English so you won’t have trouble understanding the finer details of your treatment, and of course, we have the most wonderful climate and beautiful scenery to aid your recovery.   

At Cyprus Healthcare Services, we work closely with dedicated medical and travel facilitators that can advise, assist and guide throughout interested travelers wishing to visit Cyprus for a medical procedure, rehabilitation, or wellness treatments 

If you decide to choose Cyprus for your medical requirements, we are here to help with every aspect of planning your trip. We work with the very best healthcare providers covering a wide range of treatment areas including orthopaedics, dental, cosmetic, rehabilitation, wellness, immune system enhancement, hair transplant, and IVF. We can help you find the best clinics and doctors, and even give you a helping hand with booking flights and hotels. If you’d like to find out more about what we do, and the help we can give you, then please do get in touch.  

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