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With so much to do, it’s the perfect destination for couples and families, with something to entertain everybody. Whether you prefer to spend your days relaxing on the beach and your evenings dancing until dawn, or you love to go hiking, to discover ancient sites of historical interest or take to the water for some high adrenaline water sports, you really can do it all in Cyprus.  

September is a fantastic time to visit, the weather is still glorious, but with the main tourist season starting to wane, you can enjoy the sights without the peak summer crowds. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to attractions to visit in Cyprus, but do consider these 5 we’ve picked out, as they are truly special must-see places.  


1. Kykkos Monastery 

Kykkos Monastery may be off the beaten track, but your journey will be well rewarded when you discover the most impressive monastery on the island. There’s a fascinating museum on-site to help you learn more about monastic life in Cyprus, and you’ll also be able to enjoy a glass of Zivania spirit which is produced within the monastery. 


2. Aphrodite's Rock- Petra tou Romiou 

The mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, this stunning rock formation is a sight to behold. Set on the beautiful beach near Pafos, it’s a magical spot to visit that’s incredibly photogenic. If you’re looking for the perfect holiday snap to send to friends and family back home, this could be the ideal backdrop.  


3. Paphos Castle 

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Paphos Castle has certainly had an interesting history. Originally built as a Byzantine fortress, it was destroyed and rebuilt by the Ottomans, and has served a variety of purposes since, including being used a prison during the Turkish occupation. The castle is a beautiful sight on the Paphos seafront, but do step inside to appreciate the structure from a different angle. It’s also a delightful way to escape from the heat of the midday sun.  


4. Tombs of the Kings 

Stepping into the Tombs of the Kings is like stepping back in time. Carved out of solid rock, these impressive tombs dating back to the Hellenistic and Roman periods were the final resting place, not of kings, as the name suggests, but of high-ranking dignitaries.   


5. Larnaca salt lake 

A visit to the Larnaca Salt Lake in September is a must, when the lake fills with water and becomes home to a swathe of migratory birds, stopping to eat and rest before continuing their journey south to Africa for the winter. The multitude of pink flamingos are such an awe-inspiring sight!  


Enjoy your recuperation  

If you’re visiting Cyprus for medical reasons, then taking time out after your procedure to rest, relax and recuperate gives you the perfect opportunity to take in some of the best sights of the island. To find out more about all the attractions of Cyprus, and get more information regarding medical tourism, do get in touch today.  


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