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Cyprus is easily accessible, and of course, the year-round sunshine is certainly something that draws people to this island. Add in the golden sand beaches, the beautiful scenery and panoramic views, a rich history and a warm welcome, and you’ve got the perfect place to visit for a break that’s as relaxing or active as you’d like it to be. 

Step back in time in Larnaca 

There are plenty of great places to stay in Cyprus, but if you’re interested in history and archaeology, Larnaca is one city that you really must visit.  As one of the world’s 20 most ancient cities that has been constantly inhabited, the evidence of 4000 years of civilisation is there to see all over the city. There’s a stunning ancient architecture, magnificent religious buildings and quirky ancient taverns, all sitting comfortably amidst the more modern and cosmopolitan aspects of the city such as the stylish promenade, chic shopping centre and luxurious hotels. 

Considering medical treatment overseas? 

If you’re thinking about seeking medical treatment abroad, then Cyprus is certainly a good option that is well worth looking into. Whether you’re looking for medical, dental or cosmetic treatments, you’ll find it all in Cyprus. You’ll receive the very highest level of service from top medical experts, in luxurious surroundings. Many people comment that hospitals in Cyprus are more akin to a luxury hotel setting than any medical establishment they’ve been to before. In addition, you’ll skip the waiting lists, and take advantage of the low cost of medical treatments in Cyprus.  

While there are obviously many benefits, we do understand that travelling overseas as a medical tourist can be daunting if it’s not something you’ve ever done before. That’s why the Cyprus Health Services Promotion Board was established. We are a non-profit organisation, here to help and advise anyone who would like to plan a medical trip to Cyprus. From matching you to your perfect treatment centre, to helping you with your flights and accommodation, we can help to take any stress away from planning your trip, and answer any questions you may have.  

You’ll find the treatments you need right here in Cyprus 

Cyprus has an advanced medical system with a huge range of surgeries and treatments available. Whatever services you’re looking for, do get in touch as it’s likely you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for here. Treatments in Cyprus include, but of course, are not limited to… dental services, orthopaedics, cosmetic surgeries of all types, IVF and other fertility treatments, hair transplants, immune system enhancements, wellness treatments and rehabilitation services.

Stay in Larnaca and enhance your trip  

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When you stay in Larnaca, you’ll be close to your medical services, but you’ll also be in an amazing location. Here you’ll find the perfect hotel to recuperate after your surgery, with some wonderful sights right on your doorstep. Both exercise and relaxation can be vital for a speedy recovery, and you’ll have all the opportunities you need in Larnaca. With health-giving Mediterranean cuisine available, and the sun shining down on you, enhancing both your health and your state of mind, there’s no better place to recuperate, and that’s why so many people combine a visit to Cyprus for medical treatment with an extended holiday. You’re already here, so it makes sense to stay a little longer and enjoy all that the island has to offer rather than rushing home again.  

We can help you to find the medical establishment for your treatment

We maintain a members list of hospitals and medical establishments approved and licensed by the Government of Cyprus.

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If you’d like to receive the very best medical treatment, at a low price, in an idyllic location, then do get in touch and we can help you to start planning your medical tourism trip to Larnaca. You’ll find further information on our website, or simply email us if you have any questions. We’re here to help you every step of the way.  


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