When you’re planning a trip overseas there’s usually a reason you’ve chosen your destination. Perhaps it’s the wonderful climate and the golden sand beaches? Maybe there’s a famous historical site that you’d love to explore? Or… could it be that you’re travelling overseas for the best low-cost dental treatment? Many people these days are planning a foreign holiday that has all the aspects of a traditional vacation; beautiful scenery, hot weather, relaxing strolls along the seafront, but with dental treatment included as part of the trip. 


Dental tourism is on the rise 

There are many advantages of seeking your dental treatment overseas, from costs and availability to the high standard of treatment. Additionally, if you’re having perhaps a more complicated and lengthy procedure, it’s so much nicer to spend the next few days relaxing on the beach rather than going straight back to work and your everyday busy life.  

There are so many benefits to having your dental treatment in Cyprus, here are 3 of the best… 


You’ll get amazing service at a great price  

Dental clinics in Cyprus are modern and comfortable and you’ll be welcomed by friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff. Nearly everyone in Cyprus speaks very good English, so you don’t have to worry about any communication issues during your treatment. You’ll also benefit from the fantastic prices that dental treatment is available for in Cyprus. You’ll receive advanced care at prices so much cheaper than in your home country. As labour costs and real estate prices are low in Cyprus, that means businesses in Cyprus can pass on their savings to their customers without compromise, and when it comes to something that can be very expensive at home, such as dental treatment, this can be a huge saving.


Cyprus dentists are highly skilled and use the very latest technology 

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There are several countries offering dental treatment to foreign tourists, but when you visit Cyprus for your dentistry, you can rest assured that all dental practitioners have been trained to the very highest standard, they’ll be knowledgeable regarding all the latest innovative techniques, and all equipment and materials used are the very best available.  


You’ll be in the finest place for a wonderful vacation 

 When you’re travelling overseas for dental procedures, of course you need to factor in the cost of travel and accommodation, but when you simply include your dentistry into your annual sun-filled holiday, you’re not spending any more than you usually would, indeed, by opting to have your dental treatment while you’re away, you’re actually saving money! Cyprus is certainly a popular holiday destination, and if you’ve never visited, you’re in for a real treat. The sun shines on average  360 days a year, there’s a wealth of golden sand beaches, amazing water sports, great hiking trails, quaint villages, a plethora of historic and archaeological sites and so much more. It would be a huge shame to visit for your dental treatment and not extend your stay to enjoy a longer holiday!  


Ready to plan your next Cyprus holiday with dental treatment? 

So now you know that dentistry in Cyprus is high quality, low on cost, and can be combined with a holiday in one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, are you interested in knowing more? The Cyprus Health Services Promotion Board is a non-profit organisation set up to help and advise foreign visitors looking for healthcare and dental treatments in Cyprus. We can help you plan your trip and find the perfect dental clinic for your needs. We work only with the top dental clinics in Cyprus. For more information, get in touch or visit our website today.  

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