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Cyprus is a stunning holiday destination that most will know for its gorgeous white sandy beaches and fantastic sunny climate, but Cyprus is also a country steeped in myth and legend. The island has had such a rich and varied history, it’s perhaps no wonder that amazing tales have been passed down through the ages. In Cyprus, history and myth seem to be intertwined, and perhaps no one really knows quite how much of these legendary stories are based in truth, but there’s one thing we can be sure of, and that’s that all these tales are truly fascinating! Here are 3 famous stories from the mythology of Cyprus… 


The legend of Aphrodite’s rock 

The stunning sea stack known as Petra tou Romiou, or Aphrodite’s Rock is quite spectacular, and there’s a fascinating, and rather gruesome legend attached to this location. The story has it, that Cronus, son of Uranus and Gaia, on the command of his mother, attacked his father, amputating his lower body and cutting off his testicles which fell into the sea. At this moment, a white foam appeared, and from within it arose a maiden, Aphrodite, who was then carried ashore by the waves. It is said that if you watch the waves crash against the rock, sometimes you might just see a ghostly human figure in the seafoam.  


The mighty sea monster of Ayia Napa 

You might be a little more wary next time you take a dip in the beautiful blue waters off the coast of Ayia Napa, as legend has it, a sea monster resides here! While some people will tell you they’ve seen the sea monster, which apparently looks like a giant crocodile or serpent, no one has captured it on camera. So, is there a monster lurking in the deep waters or is it simply a myth? Perhaps it’s wise not to swim too far out from shore – just in case!  


The story of Adonis’ baths 

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Adonis’ baths is a picturesque spot, with a beautiful waterfall cascading into a natural lake. The water is cool and so it makes for a perfect tranquil retreat from the midday sun. It’s a gorgeous spot and one that’s straight out of a legend. It is said that this was the place where lovers Aphrodite and Adonis spent their time, indeed, apparently, it’s where they conceived their children! However, the romantic story takes a rather sad turn, as it is also the place where Adonis died when he was accidentally stabbed, and he died in the arms of his beloved Aphrodite. 


There’s so much to see in Cyprus 

There are so many fantastic mythological, historical and archaeological sites to explore in Cyprus. If you’re visiting Cyprus for medical tourism purposes, taking time out to visit some of these places is well worth it, and of course, a little exercise in a favourable climate is going to work wonders for your recuperation. If you have any questions regarding medical tourism in Cyprus then don’t hesitate to get in touch.  


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