With the cost of healthcare increasing in many countries and waiting lists becoming longer and longer, it’s perhaps no surprise that medical tourism has become so popular. It’s now easier than ever to receive the very best healthcare at a fraction of the price, skipping the queues and all while you’re in a beautiful sunny destination that’s ideal for recuperation. With low-cost flights regularly departing to Cyprus, you can have a holiday alongside your medical treatment making it incredibly good value for money. Cyprus is a popular destination for seeking medical treatment overseas due to the world class healthcare facilities, medical staff who are highly trained and speak good English, and the ease of access to the island.

We’re here to help you will all aspects of planning a medical tourism trip to Cyprus. Your trip will go smoothly and be stress-free if you ensure you have everything in place before you visit, so just follow our tips to make sure you’re fully prepared for your trip…

1 – Have a pre-travel consultation

It’s a good idea to talk with a healthcare provider before you begin to organise your trip. They will be able to assess that you are indeed fit to travel overseas for your treatment and they will inform you of any risks and talk you through the procedures. They will also be able to provide you with any paperwork you may need from them and even offer some tips for travelling. We can also provide pre-travel consultations so do get in touch if this could be useful to you.

2 – Double check you have all your documentation with you

You can forget your toothbrush or your bikini, we have plenty of great shops here in Cyprus, but you simply must remember to pack all your documentation. Your treatment centre will inform you of the paperwork they need, and of course, you’ll need to have travel insurance and a valid passport. Your medical paperwork will be very important. Failure to produce this could result in a delay or even cancellation of your treatment, so it’s wise to have a digital copy available to you online, as well as a hard copy printed out. Keeping paperwork in your hand luggage in case your checked baggage goes missing is also a good idea.

3 – Do your research

Not all overseas healthcare providers are the same, so you should always do your research and look for reviews and recommendations. If you’re visiting Cyprus for your medical treatment, then please do ask for our guidance when choosing a healthcare provider. We only ever recommend the very best facilities, and we’ll ensure that you’re matched with a provider that can perfectly meet your needs.

4 – Be sure to bring someone with you

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Most people find their medical tourism trip more pleasant if they have a companion with them. It’s good to have someone on hand to help you when you’re recuperating and it may also be a prerequisite of your medical team that you’re not left alone for a day or two after your surgery. But also, Cyprus is such a beautiful island, you’ll certainly want to spend some time enjoying yourself here, and that’s so much more fun with a companion.

Get in touch to find out more

We are experts in planning medical tourism trips to Cyprus. We work closely with the very best healthcare providers in Cyprus and can even help you to book your transport and accommodation. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask. You’ll find more useful information on our website or simply call or email us.

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