Cyprus is home to a wealth of delicious and healthy local produce. Some Cypriot foods are world famous, while others are perhaps less well known.


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Cyprus is home to a wealth of delicious and healthy local produce. Some Cypriot foods are world famous, while others are perhaps less well known. In Cyprus we grow and produce foods with a high nutritional value, packed full of health-giving nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Discover 5 foods that will boost your immune system, and you can enjoy not only the delicious flavours of Cypriot cuisine, but also the health benefits of these unique ingredients too.


  1. Halloumi

We often dismiss cheese as being unhealthy, but when it comes to halloumi, you really can think again. High in calcium, it helps keep bones and teeth healthy, and it’s a fantastic source of protein. Halloumi is a great meat substitute for vegetarians who can struggle to get enough protein in their diets. In addition, studies have shown that there may be a connection between the consumption of halloumi and a lowered risk of type 2 diabetes.


  1. Zivania

 Zivania is an alcoholic spirit, believed to have been produced in Cyprus since the 15th century. It’s made from grape pomace, the solids left over from wine making, mixed with local dry wine. While of course we should always drink in moderation, you can certainly treat yourself to a tipple of Zivania when you’re next in Cyprus. It’s thought to aid concentration, combat depression, and even have anti-ageing properties!


  1. Agros Sweet Rose

 If you love a sweet treat, then you simply must try Agros Sweet Rose, a traditional spoon sweet made from rose petals, sugar, and water. This dessert is so special, the EU Commission have added it to its list of Protected Geographical Indication, and so these delights can only be true Agros Sweet Rose if they’re made in the village of Agros. Rose petals are a natural anti-inflammatory, have antibacterial properties and increase natural collagen production. 

  1. Cypriot Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 The beautiful warm Cyprus climate is ideal for growing the most delicious olives, and of course, where olives are grown, you’ll have the most delightful olive oils to savour. Cyprus produces some of the world’s best extra virgin olive oils with many proven health benefits. This tasty oil is loaded with antioxidants, it can help keep your heart healthy and also contains good amounts of vitamins E and K.

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     5. Taro

Taro is a root vegetable, perhaps more commonly associated with Asia but is widely enjoyed in a range of delectable Cypriot dishes. You’ll find it in casseroles, often in a tomato sauce, either served alone, or with pork or chicken. It’s a wonderful option for vegans and vegetarians visiting Cyprus and searching for food that’s both healthy and tasty. Taro is a great source of fibre, and it’s rich in vitamins too.


Healthy living without compromising on flavour

Cyprus truly is a food lover’s heaven. With influences from three continents, you’ll find unique dishes in Cyprus that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Fresh Mediterranean meals with a little extra spice, packed full of flavour and amazingly healthy. When you dine in Cyprus, you can eat well, without worrying about the adverse effects on your health. To discover more great ways in which Cyprus can give your health a boost, visit our website today.

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