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Cyprus in September is absolutely gorgeous, with a tranquil atmosphere and charming colours. The weather is gradually cooling down, although it is still comfortably warm for visiting the island’s abundant sights, spending the day at one of the many beaches, and exploring Cyprus' unique traditional and contemporary cuisine. One of the most delicious and popular traditional Cyprus sweets is shoushoukos while the months of September and October are actually the best time for shoushoukos to be made as the grapes are very sweet. 

Shoushoukos is a grape juice-based sweet treat that is usually made with soaked whole almonds or walnuts, which are threaded together with a cotton string. While the process of preparing this traditional sweet delight is quite complicated and long, the end result is definitely worth it! After the nuts are threaded together, they are repeatedly dipped in a boiled pot of palouze (a type of dessert cream made of grape mousto, rosewater, cinnamon, and mastic), perhaps 2 to 3 times, after each palouze layer has dried. The next day, the same process is repeated 3-4 times, and this goes on for four days. When the diameter of the shoushoukos is approximately 6 centimeters, resembling a long sausage, the dessert is left to dry for approximately three weeks. After this, it is ready to be devoured! Shoushoukos’ producers have been trying to promote this lovely dessert and have even experimented with a number of interesting varieties and combinations. For example, if you are a pomegranate lover, you should try pomegranate shoushoukos while the carob one is, admittedly, worth every single calorie! You’ll be delighted to know that this treat not only is tasty and flavoursome but also very nutritious as it is made from natural and healthy ingredients, constituting, therefore, a guilt-free pleasure. Usually, it is served cut into thin slices to accompany your zivania, wine, or coffee, however, it can be even enjoyed as a pre-work out snack. 

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Marathasa and Pitsialia mountainous and semi-mountainous villages are considered the most famous villages that deal with the production of this amazing sweet delight since the end of the 19th century. Gladly, you can try a wide selection of shoushoukos in church squares and in various traditional festivals that take place pretty often. During the entire September and October, you should visit the wine-growing villages of the Troodos mountains and admire the scenic route until you get there. The Cyprus wine villages organize many different vibrant and lively festivals where traditional delicacies always steal the show. Arsos and Koilani, for example, host quite interesting Grape Festivals.  If you love traditions and are interested in learning how to make such traditional delicacies, there are some workshops from time to time, for example in Kalopanayiotis, where you can watch and participate in every step of the procedure and, of course, get the chance to try how shoushoukos tastes throughout its making process.  

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