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We all love to visit the beach, it’s the perfect place for fun and for relaxation. So, it will perhaps come as no surprise that spending time by the sea is beneficial for both our physical health and our mental well-being. Cyprus has a wealth of beautiful blue flag beaches to choose from, each is different from the next, so whether you’re looking for a tranquil oasis of peace and solitude, a safe and sheltered family-friendly beach, or a lively beach with music and water sports galore, you’ll find it all on this magical island.  

Let’s take a closer look at some more of the health benefits of spending time near the sea… 

The perfect way to de-stress 

There’s no denying that being at the beach, gazing out at the blue horizon, makes you feel relaxed. We spend so much of our lives rushing around. We have stressful jobs, and busy home lives, and it never seems to end. Taking time out to just stop, relax and unwind is incredibly beneficial for our minds. Sometimes we just need to take a break, to reboot, and let go of our stress and worries.  

You get a boost of Vitamin D 

Many of us are deficient in vitamin D and this can lead to problems with bone and muscle strength and a poor immune system. The best way to get a boost of vitamin D is to spend time in the sunshine. Your body converts the sunlight energy into beneficial vitamin D, so what better way to get your vitamin D than by spending time by the sea under the beaming Cyprus sun? 

It’s great for your skin 

Taking a dip in the sea can compete with any spa treatment. The minerals in the saltwater are great for your skin, and the exfoliating properties of the salt and sand leave your skin soft, smooth, and moisturised. Sea water also has detoxifying and healing properties.  

There are so many fun activities you can do 

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There’s something for everyone at the beach. You may be visiting alone, to relax and sunbathe under the shade of a palm tree. Maybe you’re at the beach with children, to paddle in the shallows and build sandcastles. Perhaps you’re with older teens looking for a fun party atmosphere, or you’re a couple looking for diving lessons or to rent a jet ski. Whatever your interests, whatever your age, you’ll always enjoy your time by the sea. It’s the perfect place to relax, and it’s a fantastic place to get some exercise. 

The air is amazingly fresh 

Breathing in the clean sea air is, well, like a breath of fresh air! Get away from the pollution of the city streets and take a good deep breath of sea air, oxygen-rich, boosting your serotonin levels and making you feel amazing. Pollen levels are also lower close to the sea, so this can be a great relief for allergy sufferers.  

The perfect destination for a health and well-being trip 

Cyprus is the ideal place to visit if you’re looking to improve both your physical and your mental health. Whether you’re looking for a location for surgery abroad, or you simply want to make the most of the benefits of spending time close to the sea, Cyprus certainly has a lot to offer, being one of the top medical tourism destinations, with world-class medical facilities and some breath-taking spa facilities. Cyprus Health Services Promotion Board is here to help and advise you, so your health and well-being trip is perfectly tailored to your own needs. You’ll find more information on our website, or you can get in touch with us if you have any questions.  

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