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With the trees displaying their stunning autumnal colours, this is the perfect time of year to head up into the mountains and visit the beautiful villages of Cyprus. Cyprus has many stunning, picturesque villages set within the forests in the Troodos mountains. Each village is special in its own way, each is truly unique, and so when you visit each village, you’ll discover something new and exciting. From ancient architecture to breath-taking views, from local crafts to amazing Cypriot cuisine, there’s so much to enjoy when you explore the villages of Cyprus. So next time you’re spending autumn here, take time to step away from the beaches and head to some of our favourite villages, you’ll be so glad you did. 


Cyhealth Inner Omodos

Omodos is a wine-lovers paradise, producing some amazing wines. You simply must sample of some these on your visit. You can also see a medieval wine press that is over 500 years old. This pretty village is known for its friendly hospitality, so it’s an ideal place to linger awhile, enjoying a meal and perhaps a glass of the local wine. Omodos is also home to the Monastery of the Cross, one of the oldest religious sites in Cyprus.   


Cyhealth Inner Agros

Curving around the hillside, the views from Agros are spectacular. Agros is famous for its roses and the rose water produced here. You can visit the rose factory, and buy some gorgeous rose-scented products to take home with you. A truly lovely gift to give to friends and family back home, and of course, to keep for yourself! 


Cyhealth Inner Lefkara

Set on the southern slopes of the Troodos mountains, Lefkara is a picturesque village, famous for the production of fine lace. Legend has it that Leonardo da Vinci once visited Lefkara to buy lace, and even today you can buy some superb locally-made lace goods to take home as a very special souvenir. While you’re in Lefkara, you can learn more about the area and its traditions at the folklore museum, and visit the Turkish delight factory, to sample its delicious creations.    


Cyhealth Inner Platres

In the autumn months, Platres is engulfed by the rich red, gold, and orange foliage of the surrounding trees. Here you’ll find plenty of great hiking and cycling trails, and you must certainly take the trail that leads you to the Caledonia falls, the tallest waterfall in Cyprus. There’s so much to see and do in Platres, one day may not be enough, so you may like to stay at one of the quaint local hotels in the village to extend your experience.  

The perfect destination for relaxation and recuperation 

Exploring these delightful villages is a great activity to help with your recovery after medical treatment. With world-class, affordable medical treatment, combined with great weather and a relaxing holiday environment, Cyprus is a very popular choice with medical tourists. Cyprus Healthcare Promotion Board has been specifically set up to offer advice and support to anyone considering visiting Cyprus for their medical needs. Contact us today to find out more.  

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