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For decades, the natural beauty and warm climate of Cyprus has attracted hordes of holiday makers all year round. The past few years have seen Cyprus gain prominence for its excellent healthcare which is provided through both the private and public sector.  There are Government general hospitals in all the main cities, as well as a network of smaller hospitals, clinics and dispensaries throughout the country.  There is also a large and growing private health sector, largely limited to urban areas.

Over the last few years, Cyprus’s private healthcare system has improved significantly and today the vast range and quality treatments that Cyprus offers attracts increasing numbers of health tourists from Europe and beyond.

With a current annual expenditure on health over 700 million Euros – representing 6% of Gross National Product – recent years have seen the emergence of numerous new modern hospitals with well-trained healthcare professionals, giving Cyprus its deserved status as an up-and-coming destination for healthcare tourism.  Today there are more than 80 private hospitals and clinics totaling around 2,500 beds, 2,250 doctors and about 720 dentists.

Private hospitals in Cyprus tend to be very well-equipped and technologically sophisticated.  The clinical staff are typically well qualifies, many having trained in many countries.  There is a great number of Russian nationals who live permanently in Cyprus as well as Russian speaking people.

Unsurprisingly, the Cyprus Health industry enjoys an excellent reputation for post-operative care after any kind of surgery, as the Mediterranean climate, with its dry summers and mild winters, is ideal for recuperation.  And for those simply seeking to enhance their wellness, this beautiful island offers a variety of holiday spa resorts.

For further information on Cyprus for Health Tourism visit the website of Cyprus Health Services Promotion Board and for information in general, visit the website of the Cyprus Tourism organization at

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