Cyprus has recently emerged as an excellent destination not just for summer vacation, but also for patients who need and seek a relaxed and yet charming environment for their full recovery after a major surgical operation.

Let us see why.

 Climate & Landscape

climate and landscape

Cyprus is the perfect blend of what we would consider traditional and modern, a place where ancient wisdom meets the future innovation. Easily accessible, placed at the crossroads of three continents, the island boasts some of the finest shores in the Mediterranean, while the clusters of picturesque, crystal-clear bays are never far from stellar coastal resorts.

Summertime here lasts up to 6 months, with July and August being the fullest months regarding visitors. Cypriots enjoy 320 days of sunshine, with bright and vivid blue skies, warm and calm emerald waters (with no strong currents whatsoever), and all sorts of fun water activities. Ever since it emerged from the earth’s crust, from the very beginning, Cyprus was bound to be a tourist magnet.


Local Lifestyle

The spectacular natural environment and the relaxed Cypriot way of life make Cyprus also one of the most excellent healing hubs, ideal for post-surgery recoveries. Pollution of any kind is nowhere to be found in both the coastal and inner regions of the island.

The mere notion of waking up every day in a clean environment, filling your lungs with fresh air and feasting your eyes on the mesmerising views is enough to cheer you up – think what a real-life experience can do for your body and mind!  

Another factor with a tremendous potential benefit for your recovery is the local diet. Just forget all the processed foods that are stamped as organic. Everywhere on the island, from the traditional taverns to the local supermarkets and grocery stores, you enjoy nature’s authentic flavours, from land produce to fishes served in your plate a couple of hours after them being drawn out of the sea. Treating your body with the best possible nutrients can do wonders for your body, even if your appetite is not at its best yet.

local lifestyle

In the springtime, nature is at its best in Cyprus. Long promenades in the countryside can help you alleviate the stress and feel more relaxed. Moreover, Cyprus is teaming with spa clubs and wellness clinics, where you can enjoy physical therapies according to your needs. In case your doctor recommends it at this stage, you can also strengthen your body with water-based therapies and mild activities, the safest way for you to re-enter an exercise routine.

Indeed, Cyprus’ repute as an ideal destination for post-surgery recovery is not an idle one. It is not a hollow boast. It is based on hard facts and thousands of stories of patients from all over the world who have experienced the island’s benefits to their health first hand. 

Sounds idyllic? Check our website for more information about medical treatments in Cyprus and feel free to contact us to help you arrange the best medical trip of your life. You deserve nothing less.

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