Has a long period of medical treatments come to an end? Then, reward your patience and your organism’s response with another treat: some of the unique Cypriot sweet delicacies!

In fact, you shouldn’t leave the island without trying out some of the traditional Cypriot desserts because fame has it that they are as good as Cyprus’s traditional main dishes. What is more, they are quite healthy, too! Let’s have a look at 5 of these delicacies.


  1. Pasteli

Tradition in Cyprus wants the sweet pastelli to be made of carob syrup instead of honey. This is not something unexpectable since carob trees are affluent in Cyprus. Pasteli is a delicious yet healthy sweet snack, a bar of sesame and/or various nuts stuck together with the addition of carob honey. You can find these bars packaged in every supermarket or kiosk in the street, but if you are willing to try out an extremely fresh pastelli, look for it at village fairs and festivals.


  1. Soujouko


Another healthy snack, ideal for those who have a sweet tooth is the long, knobby shaped soujouko. Soujoko is made of wine must, so it is produced in large quantities in the winemaking season. Starch, must and just a tad of honey are cooked together until the mixture becomes sticky, and then a thread of various nuts, such as almonds and whole walnuts are dipped into the mix above repeatedly to the desired thickness.  The sweet takes its final form after it is dried out in the sun. Cypriots usually enjoy their sujoko along with a traditional cup of coffee in the evening, but really, you can enjoy it any time of the day!


  1. Palouze

In essence, Palouze is a non-dried Soujoko. Since it has not dried up, it is more fluid, and that is the reason it is served in a bowl or a small plate. Locals usually sprinkle cinnamon and various chopped nuts on top of Palouze, an addition that spices up, even more, the strong flavour of this dessert. If your stay is going to be near traditional villages, look there for Palouze and ask to try it out while it is still warm. You will never forget the taste of it!


  1. Spoon Sweets or “Glyka tou Koutaliou”

spoon sweets or glyka tou koutaliou

If you especially have a sweet tooth for syrup, the so-called spoon sweets will turn into your favourite. The ingredients of this easily homemade dessert are simply seasonal fruits or nuts, sugar and water. The slightly boiled in sugary water fruits are preserved in thick sugary syrup for a long time in clear jars. They are called spoon sweets because they are offered to guests on a small plate with a tiny spoon. You can find spoon sweets jars in traditional product shops all around Cyprus, while some restaurants serve them along with yoghurt as a treat to their customers at the end of a meal.


  1. Dragéeswith Almonds

Baked almonds with a thick coat of sugar, usually in portions of 5 pieces, are a treat given in special occasions, like weddings and christenings. After such an occasion, the household that celebrates have some jars of Dragées to offer visitors and guests. If you are not invited to such a Cypriot celebration, you can always buy some from pastry shops or taste the extremely fresh Dragées of the loukoumi-making in Paphos area.


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