Upon hearing the phrase, eyes shut and senses start to travel; indeed, bath spas breathe away such a relaxing feel, that are made synonymous with deep rest. Nonetheless, spa baths are much more than mere energy boosts. Studies have repeatedly shown them to be rather beneficial to the overall health and wellness of the human body.

Below, you will find 6 of these benefits that will make the whole idea of having a spa bath experience in Cyprus simply… irresistible.


  1. It Shields Your Heart      

    it shields your heart

    Based on research by leading authorities in cardiovascular health, bathing – without necessarily swimming – by fully immersing your body in water forces the heart to pump faster and thus grow stronger and get in shape. Don’t forget that heart is nothing more than a muscle, and the more it works out, at a certain pace, the better it functions.

    The reason behind this relaxing heart training is rather simple: immersion exerts added pressure on the tissues of our body, and thus augments cardiac volume.

  2. It ‘Calibrates’ our Blood Pressure

    Similar studies have also proven bath spas to help human body lower blood pressure, which is only wonderful for those of you belong in groups with high-risk cardiovascular maladies or hypertension.

    Naturally, should you have such health issues already means you must ask your physician’s counsel before booking your bath spa.

  3. It Alleviates Stress & Anxiety

    it alleviates stress and anxiety

    Naturally, this one may not strike as a surprise. Water, serene environment, ultimate relaxation – the perfect set for stress relief and anxiety elimination, don’t you think?

  4. It Probable Helps fight Diabetes & Loss Some Weight!

    Some evidence has shown that people suffering from diabetes and taking spa baths on a regular basis can lessen their blood sugar levels, along with blood glucose.

    In fact, according to recent research, enjoying a spa bath for half an hour six days per week can also help you lose some weight, without any other alteration in your diet or need for physical exercise. Ok, you should not expect wonders, but every little help towards this direction is always welcome.

  5. Soothes Trauma and Injury Pains

    Since immersions in hot water relax the body and improve blood circulation, it is only natural to help also in coping with several kinds of injuries or traumas, including post-operational ones.

    When we relax, our brain releases natural pain-killers. In addition to that, since the water supports the body weight, bones, muscles and joints can rest in their natural position without being stress – something that further alleviates any possible injuries and aches.

  6. Boosts Self Confidence

    boosts self confidence

    Feeling right always leads to thinking positive. Apparently, since spa baths benefit our body ins so many different ways, our mind can do nothing but follow! Less pain, zero stress, no anxiety, better heart rate – all join together to feel your mind with happier thoughts, thus boosting yourself with confidence, optimism and energy.

True enough, most among you scarcely need a list of specific reasons to get convinced of how good an idea a spa bath is – especially when coupled with an island of outstanding natural beauty, like Cyprus!

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