Let us ponder on the following mental picture: sublime landscape, excellent climate, sunshine, exquisite cuisine, plus top-notch health services.

What do you get?

The top Healthcare and Wellness destination in Europe – in a single world, Cyprus.


  1. An All-Inclusive Destination for All Your Wellness Needs

an all inclusive destination for all your wellness needs

Regardless of what you may need in terms of treatment and physical care, be it a general boost in your well-being, or even a tranquil set to recharge your batteries, Cyprus has it in store for you – in abundance too.

Indeed, being the ideal retreat from your daily quagmire, Cyprus offers a great array of wellness options for the overworked of this world.

From meditation to the spa, from sunbathing to massage sessions, wellness practitioners across the island master several body and spirit healing techniques, which, combined with proper conventional treatment when necessary, can do wonders for your physical and psychological state.


  1. The Place, the Goddess of Beauty, was Born

Ancient Greeks were famed for their wisdom, and surely they would not pick a place as Aphrodite’s birthplace at random or without good reason.

‘Petra tou Romiou’, a captivating geological formation in one of Mediterranean’s most mesmerising shores, is, according to ancient sagas, the place Aphrodite surfaced on this world. Some photos of the site will convince you of the how justified the selection of this site was. 


  1. Learn the Secrets of the Mediterranean Diet

learn the secrets of the mediterranean diet

Nutritionists from all around the world do confirm that the Mediterranean diet is by far the healthiest in the world. Besides, numbers and statistics do not lie: people that have adopted the dietary principles of the Mediterranean face much fewer risk of having a heart attack, stroke, dementia and enjoy improved longevity.

Its secret? The Mediterranean diet is based solely on fresh food, especially food, it is low in saturated fats, rich in vegetables and fruits, and, the best part, it is delicious!


  1. It Boasts a Great Number of Top-Quality Wellness Centres

Cyprus has seen a great increase in top-notch health and wellness centres across its territory, combining comfort, advanced medical techniques, state-of-the-art equipment and health professionals that are leading figures in their field.


  1. Rejuvenating Landscapes

rejuvenating landscapes

Last but not in the slightest idea least, Cyprus boasts a paradisiac scenery, the one that can make you feel better the moment you set foot on the island and feast your eyes with its fantastic coastline, golden beaches, emerald waters, clear-blue sky and year-round sunshine.

Ranking among the coolest year-round destinations for holidays, for people of all ages, including families, elderly, youngsters and couples, Cyprus offers you the unique chance to tend to your personal health and wellness needs in a heaven-like retreat.


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