There’s nowhere quite like Cyprus to recuperate. The sunshine alone will lift your mood, but there is also so much to see and do. Time spent relaxing on one of the island’s beautiful beaches will certainly put you on the road to recovery, but exercise too can really help your post-surgery recuperation and with such beautiful scenery, it’s well worth exploring some of the many idyllic hiking trails of Cyprus. Here are our top 5 hiking trails with views that will take your breath away…


  1. Caledonia Waterfalls

caledonia waterfalls

The natural beauty of majestic waterfalls is a highlight of this trail. The route starts at Platres, just near the Psilo Dendro trout farm. There is a restaurant here, so you can enjoy a bite to eat before your set off on your walk. The route is just 3km long, but it is steep in parts and you’ll be crossing the river at times, so be sure to wear sturdy walking boots. Don’t forget your camera too, you’ll certainly want to take some photos of the falls!


  1. Cape Aspro

If you’re looking for a longer trail, the route from Pissouri Bay to Cape Aspro is well worth it. It may be a long walk, but you’ll be rewarded with some of the most wonderful views when you reach Cape Aspro, 255 metres above sea level.


  1. Cedar Valley

cedar valley

This secluded and peaceful trail gives you the perfect opportunity to relax and be at one with your thoughts. Located within the stunning Pafos Forest, you’ll walk amongst the Cedar trees. Look out for the old Venetian mountain bridges, just one of the highlights on this tranquil trail.


  1. Mount Olympus – Artemis and Atlante Trails

Both these trails take you on a circular walk around the famous Mount Olympus. The Artemis trail begins higher up the mountain, so it’s the shorter of the two. The views from the top are just breathtaking, it really should be on the list for everyone visiting Cyprus. There are many rare trees and plants on these trails, and there is also plenty to interest budding geologists. You’ll also be able to visit the ruins of the Walls of Old Chora, a fortification built in 1571.


  1. The Aphrodite and Adonis Trails

the aphrodite and adonis trails

These are two more circular hiking trails, both starting at the Baths of Aphrodite. Legend has it, that this is where Aphrodite first met her lover Adonis, and they bathed in the water. There is certainly an air of romance about this area, with some of the most beautiful views in all of Cyprus. You’re sure to fall in love with it too when you stop to admire the blue lagoons below the trail.


The perfect recipe for recuperation and recovery

Time spent exploring the many hiking trails of Cyprus is time certainly well spent that will not only help your body to heal, but will also transform your mental wellbeing. There is so much outstanding natural beauty on this island, every route is guaranteed to offer vistas that will take your breath away. Whether you opt for an all-day hike, or a shorter, more leisurely stroll, the exercise will aid your recovery and you’ll have an amazing time, making memories that will last forever.


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