There are plenty of good reasons to travel to Cyprus for your dental treatment, but often there are myths going about that might make you think twice. We put those myths to rest, for good!


Myth Number 1  - It isn’t worth the cost of travelling

it is not worth the cost of travelling

The price of dentistry in Cyprus is very reasonable and much lower than in many other countries. What’s more, there is plenty of fantastic and affordable accommodation all over the island. Air travel is very good value these days too. Of course there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate your dentistry treatment with a holiday. Once you see the beauty of Cyprus for the first time, you’ll certainly want to stay for longer!


Myth Number 2 – Foreign Dentists are Badly Trained and it’s not safe

When it comes to Cyprus, this is totally untrue. Dentists in Cyprus as incredibly well trained and have many years of experience. The facilities you’ll visit are modern and hygienic. You can rest assured you’re in very good hands with dentists in Cyprus. It’s well worth taking a look at photos of dental clinics in Cyprus, you may well find that they look more modern and inviting than those you’re used to visiting at home!

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Myth Number 3 – Insurance companies don’t cover dental treatment overseas

In fact, many dental insurance companies are actually keen for you to reduce the costs of your dental treatment and many policies will actually cover you for treatment received abroad. Get in touch with your insurance provider to find out what their cover actually gives you before simply believing this myth.


Myth Number 4 – The cost is low so the treatment must be poor

the cost is low so the treatment must be poor

Again, this is just not true. Yes, the costs are low, but this is due to the lower costs paid in Cyprus for exactly the same materials as would be used anywhere else in the world. Additionally, the cost of labour is much lower, and so you can take advantage of this by travelling to Cyprus for your dental treatment. To discover more about the treatments offered by dentists in Cyprus visit Cyprus Healthcare Services.


Myth Number 5 – The dentists abroad don’t sterilize their equipment

This is certainly not true in Cyprus. The same steam Autoclave sterilization chambers are used in all dental clinics in Cyprus as are used all over the world. You can rest assured that all equipment used is totally sterile and entirely safe.


Do your own research – don’t rely on myths!

It’s really important to discover the true facts about dentistry treatment overseas. Only when you have the real facts can you make your own informed decision about whether or not this is something that would work for you. Of course you may have many more questions than are covered in this article, so do visit Cyprus Healthcare Services for more information, or get in touch if you need any further help regarding visiting the beautiful island of Cyprus for your dental treatment.

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