A day spent on the beach might seem like an indulgent luxury that doesn’t really have any purpose other than being a lot of fun, but when you discover that being by the sea actually has a lot of benefits for your health, you have the perfect excuse to spend even more time on one of the beautiful blue flag beaches of Cyprus.

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  1. Breathe in that beneficial sea air

There’s something rather wonderful about standing on a beach, taking in the view and the sea air. However, this is more than just a magical moment to store in your memories, that salt sea air is actually good for your lungs. Recent research has shown that breathing sea air can even have a beneficial effect on cystic fibrosis patients.


  1. Release those happy hormones

It’ll come as no surprise that a trip to the beach is good for your mood, but you’ll also boost your vitamin D levels when you spend time in the Cyprus sunshine. The safe, crystal clear waters are perfect for swimming or snorkelling, and ideal for summer walks with seashells hunting! Ideally, try barefoot walking- or earthing- as it may be possible to thwart chronic diseases and slow aging. You’ll be releasing endorphins and oxytocin which are of real benefit to your mental health.


  1. Improve the condition of your skin

Improve the condition of your skin

The beach is great for your skin too. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the fine golden sand. This natural exfoliant will remove dead skin from your feet and leave them soft and silky smooth. The sun can really help to relieve the effects of psoriasis and salt water is great for acne as it kills bacteria and cleanses the skin. There’s no need to visit a beautician for a facial or pedicure when you can simply take a trip to the beach!


  1. A much needed break from technology

We can all spend too much time on our mobile devices. Leave the mobile phone behind and enjoy a tech-free day at the beach. It’s really good for giving your brain a chance to empty and recharge. Taking time away from our gadgets can lower your stress levels and improve your sleep quality too.

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  1. A natural way to combat stress

A natural way to combat stress

With our modern, busy lives, it can be easy to get stressed. Taking time out to appreciate the natural beauty of the ocean under the Cyprus sunshine is the perfect remedy for stress and depression. Studies show that time spent in beautiful natural surroundings really does lower feelings of anxiety and depression. It’s also well worth taking a swim in the warm clear waters as the magnesium in sea water is believed to help calm nerves and reduce anxiety.


  1. Sleep soundly after a day at the beach

If you struggle to get a good night’s sleep, or find it hard to drop off, then a day at the beach could be the perfect remedy. The sound of the ocean is the perfect relaxant, putting you in the ideal state of mind for a great night’s sleep.


So what are you waiting for?

Cyprus has a wealth of gorgeous beaches to choose from, find your perfect beach and learn more about Cyprus by visiting our website.

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