Looking to give your health a boost? Well what can do about it… It’s very important to do something you really enjoy. It's also important for your wellbeing to do something that makes you feel good. But how do you improve your health without making yourself miserable in the process? The answer is… spend your summer in Cyprus! Now that’s more like it, isn’t it? Cyprus is so beautiful and there’s so much to do, it’s certainly good for your mental well being, but spending time in the Cyprus sunshine is also great for your physical health.


Boost your vitamin D levels

Our bodies get vitamin D from sunlight, but most of us simply don’t spend enough time in the sunshine, or our local climate just doesn’t offer us enough hours of sunshine, so many of us are deficient in this vital vitamin. Relax on the golden sands of a Cyprus beach and you’re getting lots of vitamin D. This can help to slow the ageing process, help your body combat disease, boost your immune system and help to protect your heart health. You’re improving your health by doing nothing… bliss!


Heat and sports are good for you

You certainly won’t be cold in Cyprus and that heat is good for you. When you sweat, the circulation of your blood is improved and impurities in your skin are eliminated. The perfect natural skin detox! Studies also show that when you sweat, your body releases endorphins, giving your mind a boost too. In Cyprus there are so many opportunities to have fun, why not try out some of the great water sports on offer on the beaches to get that sweat flowing and improving your health!


The great outdoors really is great for your health

The great outdoors really is great for your health

There’s so much to see in Cyprus, you can walk for hours and not even realise you’re exercising! From ancient archaeological sites, to amazing panoramic ocean views, a walk in Cyprus will take your breath away. It’ll also lower your blood pressure and increase serotonin levels, ensuring that depression is far from your mind.


The food in Cyprus is naturally healthy


When you visit Cyprus you’ll find yourself eating healthy food naturally. If you’re looking to lose a little weight, or simply improve your diet, then dining in Cyprus is well worth it. With fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy, fish and olive oil you’ll be eating delicious, decadent, healthy food every day.

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Unpredictable weather at home? Cyprus guarantees sunshine for a healthier heart

With an average of 326 days of sunshine a year why not do your heart a favour and get away to Cyprus when the weather is cold at home? Taking a break from work and your daily routine is great for rejuvenating your mind and body. Spending quality time with your loved ones, taking some time out to relax and enjoy life can have an amazing effect on your mental and physical health. You’ll return home refreshed and revitalised.


Want to know more about Cyprus?

Cyprus has so much to offer, if you’d like to learn more about this stunning island, and plan your health improving holiday to Cyprus then get in touch or read more on our website.

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