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If you’ve had surgery, your recuperation period is incredibly important, both for your body and your mind, and there is no better place to recover than Cyprus. Here are the top reasons why Cyprus is the ultimate destination for post-operative recuperation


  1. Sunshine

If there’s one thing that will boost your recovery and leave you feeling happy and confident, it’s the feeling of the sun on your face. No one wants to recover in the cold and the rain, and in Cyprus, you certainly won’t have to. Even if you don’t feel like getting out and about just yet, you can simply relax on your balcony or around the pool with a good book, soaking up that Cyprus sunshine.


  1. High standard hospitality

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There are so many amazing hotels and villas in Cyprus. Of course this is wonderful at any time, but if you’re recovering from an operation, you may be spending quite a lot of time in your accommodation to begin with. If this accommodation offers a high quality service, it will make your recovery far more pleasant. Additionally, with  a high standard accommodation, comes a high level of cleanliness which is really important post-surgery to avoid any potential infections.


  1. Fresh organic food

The food in Cyprus is so fresh and healthy, you’ll be sure to get all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to speed up your recovery. Take your time to relax and savour your meals in Cyprus, there are some truly wonderful local dishes to try.


  1. Easy to communicate

Nearly everyone in Cyprus speaks English, so it makes communicating very easy. So if you have a question to ask your doctor or a pharmacist, or you simply need directions to your hotel or clinic, it’s as easy as asking in your home town. You’ll find the people of Cyprus very friendly and happy to help.


  1. Beautiful beaches

inner 3When you’re recovering, you need to relax. You want all the stresses and strains of life to drift away so you can concentrate on your recuperation. Spending time on the beach is ideal. You can simply sit back and take in the beautiful ocean views. Cyprus has a multitude of blue flag beaches with fine golden sand and crystal clear waters, so you’ll always find one close to your hotel.


  1. High levels of safety

When you visit a foreign country, you often have to be highly vigilant and the worry about crime can really hinder the enjoyment of your holiday. However, this is not a problem in Cyprus. In fact, Cyprus has one of the lowest crime rates in the whole of Europe, so it’s likely that you’re safer here than in your home town. This peace of mind is worth a lot when you’re in recovery.


Does recuperating in luxury sound good to you?

Recuperating in a holiday destination as stunning as Cyprus is such a good idea, your recovery will be speedy and enjoyable. To find out more about medical tourism in Cyprus and how to boost your recovery on this wonderful sun-filled island, download our free Wellness Guide.

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