When you make the decision to go ahead with plastic surgery, you’ll be very excited, you may be a little nervous, but if you haven’t had plastic surgery before, there’s no way to predict how your surgery will affect you emotionally.

If you’re having surgery for a problem you’ve suffered with for a long time, the emotional impact can be huge. There will be a lot of different emotions flowing through you. Many of them will be positive, but as the surgery can take a little time to heal, you may not see instant results due to swelling or bruising post surgery. It’s totally normal to feel emotional after plastic surgery and some of those may be negative emotions. The key is to understand those emotions and learn how best to deal with them.


Nearly everyone ends up happy with their plastic surgery results

Inner nearly everyone ends up

In the early days, you may feel a little stressed, perhaps you’re wondering if it was all worth it, or are worried that you might have made a mistake. So it’s good to know some statistics that show that the majority of people are very pleased that they underwent surgery and have no regrets. Over 95% of breast augmentations patients state they are very happy with the results. More than 90% of facelift patients state that the resulting improvement to their looks was well worth the cost and discomfort of the procedure, and over 96% of tummy tuck patients are highly pleased with their surgery.


Feeling down with discomfort

Some types of plastic surgery will result in some post-operative discomfort and this can get you down. The trick is to remember that it will all be worth it, the discomfort will pass and you’ll just be left with an improved new you! Try to stay positive, and don’t dwell on any swelling or bruising, this will soon fade away. Watch your favourite films, escape into a good book and spend time with friends to keep your mind positive.


Your mind has to catch up with your body

Your mind has to catch up with your body

When you have plastic surgery, especially facial surgery, it can seem a little odd at first that you look different, very suddenly. You’ve always known your body, you’ve looked at yourself in the mirror every day, and now you don’t look like you! It can be rather strange. But, it’s simply a case of your mind catching up and getting used to the new, improved you. It won’t take long until you feel as if you’ve always looked like this, and photos of the old you will seem strange and distant.


Doubts will pass as you recover

During your recovery phase, you’ll be spending a lot of time thinking, and some of those thoughts may be negative. Thoughts of regret or doubt are more common than you think, and they will pass. Keep focused on the reasons for your surgery. You didn’t undertake this lightly, you thought it through, and you came to the right decision.


Accept your feelings and move on

Accept your feelings and move on

Clear your mind and uplift your spirits with walks on the beach under the Cyprus sunshine. You have a little time now to enjoy the world around you, and what better place to enjoy life than Cyprus! For more information about plastic surgery and recovery in Cyprus do visit our website.

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