Walking is wonderful exercise, it’s great for your health and can be especially beneficial if you’re recuperating. Cyprus has some of the most amazing walks with stunning views. If you don’t get out and about and experience them, you’re really missing out! So drag yourself away from those beautiful beaches and take one of these walks, you won’t regret it!


Nature Trails

Discover the natural beauty of Cyprus on a nature trail.


The Caledonia Waterfalls

The Caledonia Waterfalls

The Caledonia Waterfalls are so pretty and can be found in a stunning location. The trail to view the falls starts at Platres, close to the Psilo Dendro trout farm. It’s a three kilometre trail that crosses over a stream at several points along the way. About halfway along your walk you’ll find the Caledonia Waterfalls. The perfect spot to stop and take in this natural beauty.


Cedar Valley

If you’re looking for breathtaking views, the Cedar Valley will not disappoint. Set on a mountain in the Paphos Forest, you’ll find thousands of Cedar trees offering some shade from the midday sun.


Artemis and Atlante Trails

These two trails take you around Mount Olympus. The Artemis trail is higher up the mountain and so is shorter than the 12 km Atlante trail. However, both offer amazing views.


Aphrodite and Adonis Trails

These circular trails have a lot to offer and many believe these to be the most beautiful trails in all of Cyprus. With views across the blue lagoons, it certainly is a sight to behold. It is said that this is where the goddess Aphrodite first met her lover Adonis. When you see these views you’ll appreciate just how romantic it is!


Walking Tours

See the sights on a Cyprus walking tour.


Nicosia and its walls

Nicosia and its walls

Take this tour and you’ll have a great insight into the history of this city. You’ll visit all the major sights including the ancient Venetian walls. You’ll also find craftsmen creating items for sale in the traditional manner.


Cyprus Archaeological Museum

This is the biggest archaeological museum in Cyprus and it’s well worth taking the tour. You’ll travel through time learning about the history of the island right from prehistoric times. There’s a wealth of artefacts to view and the tour is free for museum visitors.


Larnaca – past and present

An interesting tour of Larnaca that outlines the history of the area and how it has evolved. You’ll discover the huge role that the sea has played in the growth of the town and you’ll also have the chance to take a look at Saint Lazarus Church, an amazing Byzantine construction.


The Craftsmen of Scala

Scala is an area of Larnaca, famous for its craftsmen. You’ll visit workshops and shops run by young artists, many of whom work with traditional materials, taking inspiration from ancient Cypriot artworks.


So much to see and do when you get out and about

Looking after your health is so enjoyable in Cyprus! There is so much to discover on every one of these walks, so pick your favourites and get outside in the sunshine and enjoy the great outdoors. There are so many hidden secrets in Cyprus, just waiting to be found! To discover more about everything that Cyprus has to offer, click here.


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