inner Reasons to consider dental treatment in Cyprus

Both medical and dental tourism is on the increase, and it’s really no surprise when you consider all the benefits. Here we take a closer look at the reasons why you might prefer to visit Cyprus for your dental treatment rather than undergoing it at home…


You’ll save money

Perhaps one of the biggest draws for dental tourists is the money saving factor. Many people can save up to 20% on their dental bills by travelling to Cyprus for their treatment. If you’re having quite a bit of work done, that’s enough to more than cover the extra costs of flights and accommodation to visit Cyprus for your treatment.


You can have the very best treatment

Often when we need work done by a dentist there are several options. Some will last longer and look nicer, but these will come at a huge extra cost. By taking your dental work to Cyprus, you’ll find those nice extras become affordable. You’ll be able to have the white crowns you’d really prefer instead of metal ones.


You’ll have the same high level of care and perhaps even higher

Standards of hygiene in the clinics in Cyprus are very high, and dental surgeons are all trained to a very high level. Just because you’re paying less money doesn’t mean you’re getting a poorer service. Quite the opposite. It’s quite likely your experience in Cyprus will be even better than anything you could get at home.

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The dental staff will speak foreign languages

Of course you can take advantage of cheaper dental services overseas in many countries, but the great thing about visiting Cyprus for your treatment is that everyone speaks good English, Russian, German and Arabic. This can make your stay far less stressful as you’ll fully understand everything your dentist tells you, and you’ll have no problem asking questions.


For the principal of it

Even if you are well off and can afford to pay for expensive treatment at home, why should you? If you’re simply fed up of paying a small fortune for dental treatment, why not make the move to treatment in Cyprus instead of handing over your cash to your own overpaid dentist at home?


Because you have to travel anyway

If you live in a remote area, your dentist could be several hours drive away. It may just work out similar to go to the airport and fly to Cyprus! When you take into account the money you’ll save, it could well be worth it.


Cyprus helps the healing process

Cyprus helps the healing process

Yes, it’s true, the sunshine of Cyprus will help you to heal faster and is certainly good for your mental well-being too.


It’s a great excuse for a holiday!

If you’re going overseas for dental treatment, you can turn it into a holiday as well! What better way to treat yourself after a visit to the dentist than with a few days relaxing on a beautiful golden sand beach in the sunshine? With the money you save on your treatment, you could treat the whole family to wonderful holiday!


Plan your dental trip to Cyprus today.

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