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When you think of Cyprus, you’re probably imagining those golden beaches, the sunshine and the crystal clear sea. The perfect holiday destination. However, while tourists flock to Cyprus for all these reasons, there are also many people who visit the island for another reason, and that’s for surgery or other medical treatment. Why is Cyprus so popular for medical tourism? Read on and find out…


  1. It’s very safe

When you first consider travelling abroad for your medical treatment, you can have some doubts. You may be concerned about the standards of your treatment or the hygiene levels for example. The great thing about visiting Cyprus for your medical needs is that it’s very safe indeed. The medical facilities you will stay at are all of a very high standard for both comfort and hygiene. Additionally, Cyprus is incredibly safe overall, in fact, it’s one of the safest places to visit in all of Europe, so you don’t have to be concerned during your recuperation. This can be very reassuring if you’re travelling alone.

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  1. The medical professionals are very highly trained

All medical staff in Cyprus are trained to very high levels. In addition, Cypriots speak English very well, so you won’t have to worry that you won’t understand the details of your treatment or after care instructions. Everyone you come into contact with will be there to ensure all your needs are met and you’re given first class treatment every step of the way.


  1. It’s incredibly cost effective

You’ll receive an impeccable level of treatment, using the latest high-tech technology, at a fraction of the price of many other countries. Even when you take into account travelling and accommodation costs, you’ll still be saving money. Many people stay on longer after their surgery to enjoy holiday time in Cyprus.

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  1. Success rates are high

With highly skilled staff, and the latest cutting-edge techniques and technologies, success rates for surgery in Cyprus are very high with a large percentage of patients stating that they are very happy with the results.


  1. Have your surgery when you want it

When you choose to have surgery in Cyprus, you won’t have to worry about being on a long waiting list. If you want to have your surgery fast, then travelling to Cyprus is the perfect solution.


  1. The perfect location for recuperation

inner the perfect location for recuperation

Cyprus is ideal for your recuperation, well what’s the best way to recover than by having a holiday? Luckily you’re already in the perfect holiday destination! The warm climate is great for your body and the relaxing vistas and bright sunshine are wonderful for the mind. When you’re booking a trip to Cyprus for medical reasons, it really is a good idea to book some extra time to spend relaxing after your surgery, to ensure you’re fully recovered before you fly home.


Cyprus offers everything a medical tourist could possibly want

Cyprus really does offer it all when it comes to seeking medical treatment overseas. The staff are highly skilled and the facilities are state of the art, so you’ll always receive the best possible treatment. The prices are low, you won’t have to wait around for ages for your surgery, and you’re in the best place on earth to recuperate!

If you’d like to find out more about choosing Cyprus for your medical treatment, please visit our website for further information.

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