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When you’re visiting Cyprus for medical reasons, it’s such a good idea to extend your stay rather than flying straight home. Cyprus is the perfect place for recuperation, and in some circumstances it may be advisable to recover for a period before you take a flight anyway. Of course you’ve got the sunshine, the stunning views and the beautiful relaxing beaches, but Cyprus is also steeped in history so you really must visit some of the fascinating museums while you’re here. You’ll learn so much about the island with the past brought to life. Here are some amazing museums that are well worth a visit…


The Cyprus Historic and Classic Car Museum

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For anyone with an interest in motoring, this museum should top of your list to visit when you are in Limassol. The cars within the collection range from a Model T Ford roadster from 1912, to vehicles of the modern day such as an armoured Cadillac belonging to President of Cyprus, Makarios III. Interestingly, the museum actually hires out their cars for weddings, making that special day ever more perfect.


Oleastro Olive Park and Museum

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The Oleastro Olive Park and Museum in Anogyra has something for everyone, making it a lovely family day out. You can stroll around the olive trees, you’ll learn all about how olive oil is made in the museum, and the kids will enjoy the playground. There’s also a restaurant on site so you can make a day of it, and a gift shop if you’d like to take some delicious organic olive oil back home with you.


The A.G Leventis Gallery

Art lovers will definitely enjoy a trip to the A.G Leventis Gallery in Nicosia. Home to a wide range of artworks, including of course those by famous Cyprus artist A.G. Leventis, there is so much to see here. There are often temporary exhibits too, so even if you’ve visited the gallery on a previous trip to Cyprus, it’s likely there will be something new to see on your return.


Add a museum to your ‘must do’ list

A gentle walk around a museum is a great way to get out of the midday sun and is the perfect light exercise for your recuperation. Additionally, it can really help to relax you and unwind your mind. To discover more about all that Cyprus has to offer, please explore our website.

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