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The mind and body are so closely linked, yet we tend to underestimate the power of our minds in helping to heal us and fight disease. Many studies show that we can improve our physical health by looking after our mental health, for instance someone is more likely to get sick if they are stressed. We know that stress has a huge impact on our health, so it only makes sense that by using our minds, we can also make a positive effect on our health. Here are some tips for fighting disease with both body and mind...


Believe in your treatment

A positive attitude and a belief that you are going to get better actually works. There have been many experiments where people were given ‘medication’ that actually contained no beneficial ingredients at all, but because a doctor has told them it would help, many people actually report feeling better. This placebo effect is something you can take advantage of if you have faith in your treatment.


Get all your nutrients

A good and varied diet, rich in fruit and vegetables will help to keep your immune system healthy. Studies have also found that drinking black tea is beneficial for the immune system. You could also add pre and probiotics into your diet which help to maintain the perfect balance of bacteria in your gut, ensuring good digestive health.

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Become an optimist

Try your best to see the glass as half full, as optimistic people tend to be healthier people. It can help to boost your immune system and so will enable your body to more effectively fight disease and infection.

Take time out to meditate

inner take time out to meditate

Meditation is great for reducing stress levels, it has also been shown to slow cellular ageing so could help you to keep age related illnesses at bay.


Improve your sleep

A good night’s sleep is incredibly beneficial in the fight against disease, yet when you’re ill, it can be hard to sleep well. So make your bedroom ideal for sleep with blackout blinds to make sure it’s dark, and try to ensure that it’s as quiet as possible. A regular bedtime can really help to build up a routine as your body will begin to learn that it’s time for sleep. It’s a good idea to put your phone or tablet away before you go to bed, as the blue light given off by these devices can fool your brain into thinking it is morning and so you’ll feel more awake. If you have worries, one tip is to write them down before you go to sleep, effectively putting them out of your head until the morning.


Laugh often

inner laugh often

You may have heard the expression ‘laughter is the best medicine’ and there’s some truth in that. It’s thought that laughing actually boosts your levels of HDL cholesterol (that’s the ‘good’ cholesterol) and can combat inflammation of the arteries. If you laugh a lot, you’re actually protecting your heart, as well as lowering your stress levels. So get out those comedy DVDs or spend time with your funniest friends.


Look after your mind and your body

Your mind is just as important as your body, so don’t neglect it. Instead, use the power of your mind to help keep your body healthy and fight disease. Our modern world is a busy ever-changing place so take time out to relax and give your mind a rest, this will then have a positive impact on your body too. To find out more about health related topics, take a look at our website.

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