inner 5 incredible health benefits of exercising

Being active and getting plenty of exercise is so good for your body and your mind. It will help to keep you healthy, and it can also be highly beneficial if you are recovering from surgery or other medical treatment, helping you to heal faster. The problem with exercise, is that unless you’re enjoying it, it can be hard to stick to, so the key is to find an exercise that you really love and that you look forward to. There are so many options out there, there will be something that is perfect for you. You may love swimming at the beach, or perhaps you prefer a group exercise meeting other people to help spur you on to your fitness goals?


Exercise for stress, anxiety and depression

inner Exercise for stress anxiety and depression

When life gets stressful, you can sit around dwelling on it, but it’s much healthier to get out there and do some exercise. Get out in the sunshine and run or cycle. Some stunning views and the breeze in your hair can certainly give your mood a real boost. It’s a chance for your mind to process anxieties and stress and you’ll begin to feel better fairly fast. It’s not all mind over matter either. When you exercise, your body releases more serotonin, that’s the ‘happy hormone’.


Exercise for pain relief

If you wake up every morning with a bad back and feeling stiff, a few minutes of exercise can be hugely beneficial. This doesn’t have to mean a high impact workout first thing in the morning, unless of course you fancy that, but just a few gentle stretches can really help, or perhaps leave the car at home and walk to work if you’re able to. Gentle exercise will release pain-relieving endorphins as well as putting you in a great frame of mind ready to face the day.


Exercise for loneliness and isolation

There are many situations in life when we may feel lonely. When a relationship ends, or when we’ve moved to a new town. Taking up a team sport can be the perfect way to meet people and make new friends, opening up new doors and keeping you fit and healthy at the same time.


Exercise for tension and anger

When life just gets on top of you and you feel as if you just want to scream and let it all out, sport can really help you to channel this energy in a positive manner. A boxing class or other high intensity exercise could be the perfect way to get rid of your frustrations without them festering in your mind, or being taken out on others.


Exercise for clarity of mind

Yoga, pilates and t’ai chi are all great for giving you space to think. If you have important life or work decisions to make, this can be a brilliant time to contemplate, it’s also good for boosting your positivity.


Cyprus is perfect for exercising

inner Cyprus is perfect for exercising

When you visit Cyprus as a medical tourist, you’re in the perfect place to add some exercise into your recovery holiday and really speed up the healing process. The crystal clear water is perfect for swimming, there are miles of wonderful walking and cycling trails and of course the sunshine is a real mood booster too. Find out more about having your surgery in Cyprus and the benefits it offers on our website.


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