inner 51 health fitness related gift ideas for your loved

If your friends and family are keen on looking after their mind and body, choosing a thoughtful health, fitness or wellness gift can be tricky to get it just right, but it’s time spent wisely as your present will always be well received and greatly appreciated. Here are 5+1 gift ideas that will perfectly hit the mark with your health conscious loved ones…


1. A spa day or treatment

There are so many beautiful spas in Cyprus, the perfect place to relax and unwind, freeing the mind from stress. Of course a spa day can also include plenty of exercise, whether it’s taking part in a class or swimming laps of the pool. All the wellness centres in Cyprus offer a wide range of treatments, from a massage to soothe aching muscles to a pedicure or facial. A spa day is a wonderful gift as it gives the recipient something to look forward to when the festivities of Christmas are over.

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2. A pair of running shoes

inner A pair of running shoes

There’s something almost magical about running on the beaches of Cyprus. The cool breeze and sea air are certainly beneficial to both mind and body and those views totally make you forget you’re actually exercising. A good pair of running shoes will ensure that the feet are comfortable and you don’t end up with aches, pains and blisters. Find out the shoe size of your loved one and you can then treat them to a great pair of running shoes in their favourite colour.


3. A meditation kit

We all know someone who has a hectic life. Whether they work very hard in the office, or they have a busy home life, meditation can really help to calm the mind. There are so many tranquil spots in Cyprus, whether it’s the beach or the forest, just being there makes you instantly more relaxed, but learning to meditate properly is a skill. It’s a skill well worth learning as it brings great rewards, so give the gift of a meditation kit and you’re giving someone an amazing skill for life.


4. A great book

Books are a classic gift that certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. Books will always be appreciated if you pick a topic that interests the person you’re giving it to. Of course a good novel is perfect for escaping into while you relax on the beach, but how about an inspirational health and fitness book? Perhaps introduce them to something new such as pilates or a new type of diet?


5. A beautiful journal

inner 5 A beautiful journal

Keeping a journal can work wonders for organising your life, getting your thoughts out of your head, and inspiring you to greatness. You’ll find plenty of stunning journals available that look beautiful and feel so special when you hold them. Many journals are pre-printed with inspirational quotes and health, fitness and mindfulness challenges to follow. Your loved one can add in their own goals and achievements, their ideas and their worries. Studies show that putting your worries and concerns down on paper every evening really helps to contribute to a good night’s sleep, and that’s certainly a wonderful gift to give to someone who suffers from insomnia!


 6. A luxurious sleep mask

Of course diet and exercise are important to health, but without sleeping well, much of your efforts are in vain. For anyone who has to sleep in the airplane, or who has lighting outside of their bedroom window, a sleep mask can really help to make getting to sleep so much easier, and prevent waking during the night. You’ll find sleep masks in all sorts of fabric, from fun character designs, to elegant silk or satin masks. You could even have the mask personalised with the recipient’s name to make it even more special.


7. Don’t stress about your Christmas shopping

It’s so important not to let your Christmas shopping stress you out. It’s easy to neglect your own well-being when you’re thinking of others! So take it easy, you’ll get there, and your loved ones will love whatever you give them! If you’d like to find out some more ways to relax and look after your health in Cyprus, you’ll find plenty of advice and tips on our website.

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