inner how to stay healthy over Christmas

For anyone trying to lose weight and keep fit, the festive period can be particularly tricky. There’s just so much temptation out there, as well as all those Christmas parties to go to, full of tasty treats and calorie-packed alcoholic drinks! But you don’t have to pile on the pounds and neglect your health and fitness regime at Christmas time, here are our tips for keeping trim over the holidays


  1. Don’t deny yourself every treat

If you set off into the festivities with the idea that you’re simply going to eat healthily while those around you gorge on cheese and chocolate, you’re only going to end up miserable and you’re likely to give in to temptation and overindulge. Instead, accept that you will have some treats.


  1. Plan your treats in advance

Do your research and discover which treats are the least bad for your health and your diet. While many Christmas dishes are not that healthy, there will always be an option that is slightly better for you than other choices. So when you’re picking out your Christmas food and nibbles, check the labels and make the best choices with regards to fat and calorie content.

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  1. Check out Christmas meal menus in advance

inner menus in advance

If you’re going out for a meal with friends or for work, it’s a good idea to read up on the menu choices before you go so you can pick the healthiest option in advance. Don’t be scared to ask for your meal to be adapted to suit your diet. Ordering a steak without the sauce, or a Greek salad without too much oil is a great way to cut out a lot of calories. Swap out fries for a Greek salad or order a starter as a main course.


  1. Be the designated driver

If alcohol is your biggest temptation over Christmas then why not offer to be the designated driver? You’ll be doing others a big favour, and you won’t be able to give in to temptation if everyone is relying on you for their lift home!


  1. Keep active and burn off the calories

inner burn off the calories

It can be tempting to simply spend the Christmas period with your feet up in front of the television, so make the effort to get out and about whenever you can. You don’t need to do anything too strenuous unless you want to of course, you need to enjoy your break, but if there’s something needed from the shop, or you want to drop a Christmas card off at your friend’s house, why not walk there instead of taking the car? A walk at Christmas time can be magical, wrap up warm and admire all the decorations you see on the way.


  1. Use a smaller plate on Christmas Day

No one should have to miss out on a traditional Christmas dinner, but you can end up as stuffed as the turkey if you eat too much! A good technique to avoid overindulgence is to eat from a smaller plate. So you still have a plate full and won’t feel as if you’re missing out. You’ll be surprised how full you’ll still feel!


Enjoy Christmas!

By following these tips, you can have a wonderful Christmas without jeopardising your fitness goals. For more year round health tips visit our website.

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