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The “Eden Resort Wellness and Rehabilitation” centre was recently founded to cater to the needs of patients who need a high-end wellness resort and daily medical supervision for their full recovery.

Inspired by the primordial Garden of Indulgence and an era free from stress, anguish and pain, “Eden’s” provides a prime blend of luxurious accommodation and top-notch medical and wellness services. Bellow, we present a concise list of its competitive advantages.


Excellent Location, Easily Accessible

Ideally located in the hillside of a quaint little village outside Larnaca known as Tersefanou Hill, Eden affords splendid panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and the Mediterranean Sea, with the nearest beach stretching within a distance of 3km - thus helping its residents put their mind at ease and focus on their health and wellness.  

The resort is easily accessible, regardless of your chosen means of transportation. Larnaca’s International Airport is just 5km away, and the city itself no more than 12 km.  

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Versatility & High-End Accommodation

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Our visitors are seen as guests rather than patients. We have taken every step possible to afford our lodgings the luxury and relaxed scenery our body and mind need to regain their strength and vitality.

Whether for a short or long-term stay, we tailor our accommodation and medical services to the needs of each of our guests, his or her age, family status, health condition etc.

Another winning advantage of our establishments is its versatility regarding our medical services. Wellness pampering, rehabilitation, medical and nursing care, post-surgery recovery, independent or assisted living or even the adoption of a healthy lifestyle – no matter your need and goals, we provide the perfect environment to fulfil them.  


Integrated Medical & Wellness Services

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Aside from our luxurious accommodation, we provide our guests with medical supervision and nursing care 24/7, including daily fresh meals prepared by experienced chefs and sophisticated rehabilitation programs tailored to all types of maladies and diseases, such as:

  • neurological, musculoskeletal and orthopaedic ailments;
  • cases of paralysis, whatever the cause (accident, encephalopathy, stroke);
  • tracheostomies;
  • gastrostomies;
  • heart conditions, cardiopulmonary;
  • post-operative recovery;
  • rheumatic and arthritis;
  • troubled aging and mobility issues;
  • cases of assisted living;
  • patients with degenerative disease, including dementia, Alzheimer, and Parkinson;
  • amputations;
  • recovery after a traumatic brain injury;
  • cases of a chronic illness.

Equally impressive is our list of treatments and therapies (physiotherapies, electrotherapy, Laser, magnet therapy, ultrasound etc.), whether on a personal basis, or within a group of patients with similar difficulties. All our therapies and treatments are carried out by highly skilled and experienced qualified and licensed personnel, as well as state-of-the-art technologies, including:

  • Hydrotherapy;
  • Personal massage therapies (sport, relaxed, rehabilitation);
  • SPA, beauty and wellness therapies;
  • Clinical Nutritionist consultation;
  • Dieting programs;
  • Art occupation therapy (music, dancing, theatre, painting) and creative activities, including cooking lessons, gardening, swimming, and other social activities;
  • Psychological support and consultation;
  • Yoga sessions;
  • Diverse entertainment - music and festive evenings, sightseeing and tours, table games, card games, Bingo nights, as well as various sports programs.

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All therapies, treatments and activities are carried out within resort premises, which include a:

  • heated indoor swimming pool and an outdoor pool,
  • sauna,
  • Jacuzzi,
  • indoor gym,
  • a pool bar and an outdoor leisure area,
  • a comprehensive library.


Tangible Results

Our services revolve around three axles – recovery, wellness, and rehabilitation. Depending on our guest’s needs, theses axles may converge or used severally.   

Our recovery services aim to help patient recuperate after a major operation, a long and arduous therapy or other serious health-related ordeals.

Our comprehensive wellness services are generally designed to help the guest regain their strength and shape, lose excess weight, boost their confidence and improve their agility. Of course, if one of our guests has a more specific wellness goal in mind, we will adjust our services and programs to his or her needs.

Our rehabilitation programs offer customised treatment plans based on each individual’s medical condition, with the sole purpose of helping them regain their claim to a healthy lifestyle, physical strength, and longevity.

All three service areas are always enveloped in a warm spirit of Mediterranean hospitality and genuine personal interest, resulting in a lifetime experience in one of the most beautiful islands on earth.


Our mission? To promote a joyful and creative lifestyle in a nature-friendly, serene and inspiring environment. Contact us and learn more about our services.

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