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After surgery, the rehabilitation process is vital. When a loved one has undergone their surgery in Cyprus, especially if the patient is elderly, the doctor may recommend a period of convalescence in a rehab centre. Here they will get the best medical care for their recovery, but how do you choose the rehab centre that’s going to be just right? Luckily, Cyprus has a very good reputation for superb after surgery health care, and you’ll find many centres available for you to choose from. Here are some thoughts to consider when deciding which rehabilitation centre would be best suited to your loved one…


Look into the success rates

Don’t be afraid to ask pertinent questions. Find out how many patients end up back in hospital after their stay at the centre. Ask how many patients return to independent living after rehab. Find out if there is 24 hour care available, should the patient need help during the night.


Ask about staff to patient ratios

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You’ll want your loved one to have all the attention they need, so find out how many patients are looked after by each staff member. The more caregivers your loved one has, the higher the chances of a successful rehabilitation.


Ask around for recommendations

Ask friends, or seek recommendations online. Hearing about the experiences of others can really put your mind at rest that you’ve chosen a centre that offers a high quality of care and a pleasant environment for the patient.

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Consider privacy

Find out what the setup is regarding rooms. Your loved one may enjoy sharing a room with other patients, to chat and keep company with, but equally, they may prefer the privacy of a private room. Not all centres offer private rooms so do bear this in mind when making your decision.


Think about the location

inner think about the location


When we think about rehabilitation, we’re generally thinking about physical health, but mental health also needs to be taken into consideration, especially after surgery. The setting of the centre can make a big difference to the happiness of a patient, and a happy, relaxed person is likely to recover more quickly that one who is stressed or just wanting to get back home as soon as possible. Does the centre have beautiful views from the window? Is it close to the beach so your loved one can get out for a gentle stroll, away from the medical environment? Does it feel homely and relaxing?


Is is a pleasant environment?

Your loved one may be spending quite some time in the rehab centre, so it’s important that it is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Are there communal areas to relax in? Are there activities offered to occupy the mind and keep the patients active? Does the centre appear to be clean and well kept? Check out the meal plans and menus. Nutrition is important for recovery, so is the food appetising enough to ensure the patient will eat well?


Find out more about surgery and recovery in Cyprus

Visit our website or get in touch to find more about surgery in Cyprus, and recuperating on this beautiful island. Whether for yourself, or for a loved one, there are many advantages.

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