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Cyprus is full of beautiful places to take a walk all year round, but a walk in winter is simply perfect. The temperature is a little cooler so you won’t get too hot and you can take your winter walks a little further and do more exploring. Walking is great exercise and you can take it at your own pace. It’s low impact and of course you can stop and relax for a moment, taking in the stunning views. If you’re recuperating after your surgery in Cyprus, regular walks will do you the world of good, speeding up your recovery. Walking is also really good for the mind. A time for quiet contemplation, or simply enjoying the company of your walking companions. If you’re feeling stressed or tense, a walk can really help to unwind your mind and ease your stresses away.


There are no end of wonderful walks all over Cyprus, here are some great spots to take a walk…

A walk that takes in the captivating Caledonia Waterfalls is a fantastic trip out. Follow the trail from Platres, by the Psilo Dendro trout farm and you can take a walk that’s a fairly easy three kilometres long. This interesting trail crosses the stream along the way, and midway through your walk, you’ll be rewarded with an amazing view of the waterfalls.

A trip to Mount Olympus gives you the choice of two trails, both with gorgeous views. The lower and longer of the trails at twelve kilometres is the Atlante trail, higher up the mountain is the shorter Artemis trail.

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Perhaps the most popular walking trails in Cyprus are the Adonis and Aphrodite Trails. There’s something interesting and beautiful around every corner when you walk these trails and the highlight is some amazing views of the blue lagoons. These are certainly walks you’ll want to take your camera on!

Cyprus is full of natural beauty, but there are also so many fascinating ancient sites of historic interest to explore too. Discovering these sites on foot allows you to see everything in such detail, take a tour and you’ll learn even more. There’s a great tour of Nicosia that will take you to the ancient Venetian city walls, giving you a real lesson into the history of this beautiful city. Larnaca also has a brilliant tour where you’ll find out all about the history of the area, how the city has grown to be the town it is today. This tour also takes in the truly special Byzantine church of Saint Lazarus.

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If you’ve chosen a hot day to go walking, you’ll find plenty of shade if you choose one of the river walks that Cyprus has to offer. Flowing under the famous Tzeledos Bridge in Paphos, the Dhiarizos River offers up a lovely walking experience. Or follow the Klarios River and it will take you through the pretty cobbled streets of Kakopetria village, making this a very interesting walk.

Of course, no visit to Cyprus would be complete without a walk on the beach, and the beach at Limassol is just perfect for walking. With the breeze in your hair, and those amazing views, it’s a breathtaking experience.


With so many walks to enjoy, to make the most of all that nature has to offer here in Cyprus, you really are spoilt for choice. For more information about recuperating in Cyprus, do visit our website or get in touch.

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