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Looking after your heart health is perhaps one of the most important things you’ll ever do. Heart disease levels are on the rise and once you have a problem with your heart, it’s very hard to reverse it. Take care of your heart now, and you’re reducing your risk of heart disease and heart attacks in the future. Following a Mediterranean style diet is excellent for your heart, and it’s also a diet that is easy to follow. The Mediterranean Diet is no fad, it allows you to eat tasty hearty meals without having to count calories and weigh out ingredients. It’s all about sensible eating with treats in moderation, focusing on those delicious fresh foods that are good for both your heart and your overall health.

By following this diet you’ll still get to enjoy foods that contain fats and carbohydrates, but you’ll be eating food that is very healthy. The key is to include foods that contain healthy fats and carbs and food that is high in antioxidants.

You only have to observe the health and vitality of the people of the Mediterranean countries to see that this diet works, but studies have also shown that following this diet can help to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in your blood, keep your blood glucose levels stable, lower your risks of metabolic syndrome and keep your blood pressure at a safe level.


Tips for following the Mediterranean Diet…

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When it comes to protein, you should skip the red meat and eat lots of fish instead. There are so many different types of fish to enjoy, from bream to cuttlefish, give them all go and find your own favourites. Chicken is also good choice, as are legumes. Roast a large chicken at the weekend and you’ll have plenty of leftovers to enjoy throughout the coming week.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are a must if you’re on the Mediterranean Diet. Try to eat a rainbow of fruit and veg to ensure you’re getting the widest range of beneficial nutrients. This will also make your meals look very attractive! 

Adding a handful of nuts into your diet each day is great for your health. Nuts are the perfect snack so keeping some to hand during the day should stop you from reaching for those unhealthy foods when you get hungry!

When cooking, make sure the oils you use are healthy fats such as extra virgin olive oil and don’t forget the herbs. Herbs are good for you and of course they help to add flavour to your dishes.

Unlike many other diets, you don’t need to eliminate bread and pasta from your meal plans, just make sure you’re opting for whole grain products.

It’s best to skip the baked goods such as cakes and biscuits.

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But, a glass of red wine a day can have benefits for the heart, and the mind. Enjoying a glass of red wine is best done with others, and that’s another aspect of the Mediterranean Diet. With good company comes laughter and a peaceful mind. Stress has a huge impact on our health, and eating with friends and family is a great way to combat this.


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The Mediterranean Diet flows through the veins of the people of Cyprus, where cooking comes from the heart. To find out more about Cyprus, it’s cuisine and everything else it has to offer, do visit our website.

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