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Rewarding your employees is always a great thing to do. After a particularly hectic workload has been completed, or after you’ve successfully grabbed a great contract, giving your employees a gift of some sort is ideal for letting them know their hard work is appreciated. While it’s nice to give a monetary gift or an award, a wellness trip is perhaps the best gift you can give to your employees, as not only is it a wonderful reward for them, but it also has many benefits for you, not least, it will help to boost productivity for your business. Find out how…


It’s great for in-house relations

Spending time together with colleagues can be a great bonding experience. When colleagues become friends, they learn to understand each other better. This can really help when you’re back in the work environment. A greater understanding of a person enables everyone to more easily share ideas, and be more tolerant when there are differences of opinion. Incorporate some team building exercises into your trip schedule to further boost trust and cooperation within your team.


It’s really good for health

A wellness break can have a fantastic effect on health. Both rest and exercise are highly beneficial, and there’s plenty of opportunity for both in Cyprus. Time out to relax at the beach, a health-giving hike in a national park, or the thrill of high-adrenaline water sports are all readily available. A healthier workforce will take less sick days off work and be more productive. They’ll return to work full of energy, raring to go. Spa treatments can help to alleviate stiff muscles, getting rid of aches and pains, leaving all feeling younger and more energetic.

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It’s perfect for mental well-being

inner mental wellbeing

A break for the mind is just as important as resting the body and a wellness trip is ideal for banishing all those stresses and strains of everyday life. It’s vital to take a break, especially when our work life is busy. Stress can lead to some serious health conditions and so time out is a must. When you reward your employees with a wellness break, you’re helping to protect their mental health, which of course will be beneficial to your business.


It encourages future employees to apply

When you’re recruiting, if you have a great reward system for employees, you’re going to garner the attention of a wider audience. If the very best applicant receives offers from several companies, it could be your great rewards that are the tipping factor for them accepting your offer over any other. A wellness break scheme could ensure you have the very best workers for your business for many years to come.


It’s the perfect motivation

inner perfect motivation

A cash bonus is lovely, but it’s soon forgotten. It goes into the bank and it’s soon absorbed into our daily expenses. A wellness break may be equal in value, but it’s certainly not going to be forgotten in a hurry. It’s a thoughtful reward, and your employees will have memories that will last a lifetime. They’ll talk about it together, renewing those memories each time. What better way to ensure your staff feel appreciated, than by giving them the motivation to keep up their good work.


Organise your employee wellness break today

Start making plans to take your employees on a wellness trip that will be beneficial both for them, and your business. Find out more about great locations for wellness trips on our website.

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